Quick Question,Can a Hori HRAP3 PCB be used with a LS-32?


Hi all,

Quick question, can you use the Hori HRAP 3 PCB with an LS-32? The connector looks like this:



The Hori HRAP3 looks like this:





You’ll probably have to flip the harness upside down.


I Hate those style connectors for joysticks,
Too easy to come off and too easy to install backwards.

its why I ended up clipping off the connector and splicing in my own Sanwa JLF-H or Seimitsu HP-5 wire harness.


That’s a non-universal HRAP 3… I used to own one of those and still have the limited edition white Japan-only variant of it.

The LS-32 – either 0.187-tab version or PCB ‘-01’ version – was NOT intended to be used in the HRAP 3. The HRAP 3 has a non-universal mounting bracket that only neatly installs the Sanwa JLF or LS-56/-58 series joysticks with the MS Mounting Bracket. Note that any LS-joysticks you put in an HRAP 3 tend to install ‘low’ and you might be wanting to look into getting a longer replacement shaft or shaft extension. The shaft clearance above the faceplate is low any way you slice it with the stock production shaft.
That’s NOT to say you can’t install other LS-joysticks but you will end up using RE: Mounting Plate for LS-32 or LS-40 installations and they WILL sit low. I installed an LS-40 in my white HRAP 3 many months ago and ended up not liking it at all… It felt awkward with or without the shaft extension installed.

For the HRAP V3/VX, HRAP N3/NX, and the Mad Catz joysticks, there are universal mounting brackets that will accept about any major in-production Japanese joystick. SS Mounting Plate is what the LS-32 and LS-40 use for installations in those joysticks; universal mounting brackets probably account for at least 80% of the joystick case designs out there. Dunno why Hori chose to make the mainline production HRAP 3 non-universal but it was probably a cost-cutting thing and they’ve never made a ton of Hori joysticks with Seimitsu parts to begin with. There were only a very limited number of HRAP SE’s (Seimitsu edition parts) ever made and the PCB’s in those are a little bit different than the mainline HRAP 3’s.


@GeorgeC‌ Thanks for the info. However, I don’t plan on installing an LS-32. Someone was interested in buying just the PCB but only if it worked with an LS-32. I was not sure if it would work, despite having the same harness connector. That being said, you said you installed an LS-40 in your HRAP3, is the connector the same or did you have to modify/change it?