Quick question concerning seimitsu ls-32-01

im using this stick on xb360. obviously i cant use the 5 pin connector and obviously need to solder individually to all the switches. now like a sanwa, do i need to break the traces or do i not need to worry about that?

You can solder directly to the microswitches. You could also buy separate microswitches and replace the PCB.

ok so, no need to scrape the traces off? didnt think i needed to do that anyway heh.

also one more question(sorry, still new to seimitsu parts). ps-14-k buttons, how do i know which pin is the ground? i notice there is a symbol with each pin, but i dont know wtf is what and i dont see any documentation on it.

If you’re using a LS-32**-01** you will need to break the common ground trace on the PCB if using it with an Xbox 360 matrix layout controller. Easier to just use a regular LS-32 without the switches attached to a PCB though.

Pressing the switch only closes the circuit. There is no specific ground or live terminal, they are both functionally identical.

mayhem: i couldnt use a regular ls-32 cuz it would have required a lot more modding of the doa4 case. the ls-32-01 fit right in without too much hassle =)

hah, wow ok, thats simple, good stuff, figured it would be like american switches.

thanks for all the help!

Err, what? For all intents and purposes they’re as good as the exact same size and fit, if anything the LS-32-01 is the bigger one due to the extra space required by the PCB.

i was told for those that worked on a doa4 mod that the regular ls-32 requires more case modding. i honestly dont know first hand as i have never messed with one. either way tho. im all set. wired up first time go. thanks for the help