Quick question concerning Turbo/Rapid Fire rule

I understand that the FAQ says Turbo/Rapid Fire is not allowed, but this isn’t entirely clear to me. Does this rule mean that no stick with a turbo/rapid fire function will be allowed at all, or that only the use of that function will be forbidden?

With as many sticks that feature this (even a majority of the Hori sticks), I can’t imagine that Evo would ban all of those.

It means that you cannot ENABLE any turbo features.

The officially licensed Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick has turbo functionality (ironic…don’t you think?), and that stick is EVO legal…you just can’t have turbo turned on.

Thanks tons for the quick reply, I thought those had turbo as well. It would’ve baffled me as to why they would’ve banned it a stick with the function as that would be like 80% of higher end retail sticks. Also, a really off topic question so that i know what button mapping I want, are we allowed to map all three kicks or all three punches to one button in SF4? (the default mappings for LB and LT on the 360.)

If its a CONSOLE TOURNAMENT, then the answer is this: Any button mappings provided by the in-game button config menu are allowed.

If its an ARCADE TOURNAMENT (SBO, etc…) then no, you MUST use the default six button arcade layout.

(((FYI, EVO and damn near every other US tourney is console now…)))

Yeah, I was referring to SF4 on PS3 at Evo. Thanks for the quick replies :slight_smile: pretty much sorts out everything I needed to know.

No problem these are very common questions.

FYI, for the official EVO rules, please see the EVO website…I believe the Official Evo Rulebook (or whatever they call it) is posted there.

It may answer more specific questions that I can’t help you with.