Quick question: Datel Arcade Pro, 2/X/A Button not working!

I’m new here, hi all!

That being said, recently my Datel Arcade Pro started to become faulty by randomly ignoring button input from (especially) the lower-left buttons, sometimes the upper as well. After some looking around online, it became clear that stock buttons were garbage and that I was better off with quality Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.

So instead of buying a new stick, I bought a set of Sanwa buttons and the JFL joystick and followed a similar stick’s guide (Mayflash) on YouTube to mod this one instead. After some hours of scraping, cutting, and soldering I got all parts in fine but for some reason the 2/X/A button doesn’t work! All other buttons and the JFL joystick work fine (like a breeze of silk compared to the stock parts, as expected).

I checked all buttons/contacts of the PCB with a multimeter to see if inputs are received and none overlap, and they’re all fine. Which probably means the problem lies somewhere further in the PCB circuit.

Could anyone with experience on this particular stick clarify if this means the PCB broke and I’d need a replacement?
Or could there be anything else causing this problem?

For reference, here’s the modded stick I’m talking about:


From what I’ve heard about this stick in particular it’s probably a common issue with the stock PCB. I recommend swapping it out for a PS360+ (if you want/need it dual-modded), a PCB from a stock Xbox controller or a PS3 PCB of some kind depending on what console you use it on. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice Kyzaman!

I’ve ordered a replacement PCB on eBay since they come pretty cheap. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll look into getting the PS360+ board or tear one of my old X360 controllers. 8D

I’ll report back here if the stick is working, or if I’m in need of more advice.
Thanks again!

Also avoid wrapping the cable around your stick like that. It is a quick way to ruin your USB cable.
Loop your USB cable, like you would a extension cord or garden hose and tie it off with a Velcro strap.

Thanks for the advice Darksakul, I’ll handle my cable more carefull now (I hate cables, my old TV set eventually had one big ball of unmanaged cables tangled from controllers and consoles/DVD players. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to report that the replacement from eBay arrived today, and my stick is working well now!
All buttons press softly and the joystick clicks like silk, compared to Datel’s stock buttons.

Thanks again, already enjoyed several hours of gameplay with my new baby! 8D