Quick question dealing with Progressive Scan and GG for PS2

What are the button inputs when the game is starting to set the progressive scan to yes on ps2?

triangle and x I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.


If you’re playing XX or #R, the progressive scan message will be in english, if you’re playing Slash it’s in Japanese. If it’s Slash, pick the left choice, twice.


Progressive Mode is NOT High Definition.

What’s the difference between SD resolution and Prog Scan resolution on PS2 games again?

True, but I figured that was the only thing he could be referring to.


Normal PS2 output is 480i, meaning it’s interlaced. Every other line of the screen is drawn each frame.

Progressive output is 480p, which just means each and every scanline on the TV is updated each frame.

No difference in overall resolution, just a difference in how much data is updated on screen each frame.

It’s the same thing that makes 720p better than 1080i in most cases. The entire image is drawn every frame in 720p, but only half of the image is drawn each frame in 1080i.

Being a video editor, interlacing is the bane of my existence.

Well, the tech forum didn’t give any help so as long as we’re discussing it, I’ll ask here.

I just got an HD LCD TV (no game mode…). Playing Slash (SFAA and CCCCv2) with component cables and on progressive scan appears to eliminate the lag entirely. But I’m new to GGXX, so I can’t be sure. Would/Does this work to stop the lag?

The TV is an LG 32 LCD HD. The lag issues are killing me and right now it seems like it would be cheaper to buy a new CRT than try and find some way to play some of my other non-progressive scan games.

They didn’t answer your question in the tech forum because they really couldn’t. Unless somebody owns the exact same TV as you, they can’t go through testing it. It really doesn’t belong in this thread. However, it probably doesn’t completely eliminate lag, since HDTV’s universally have some sort of lag on SD sources, even if it’s sub 1 frame. My guess is the lag is low enough that you can’t tell, but it’s probably still there.

If you have guitar hero 2, you can test it.

anyone know if hnk ps2 support progressive?

if there isn’t an option for it in the options menu, hold down triangle and x upon startup of your PS2…ALL games use triangle and x if they support progressive scan, but don’t have the option for it in the actual options menu (or, you could…you know…look in the instruction manual in most cases)

It doesn’t unfortunatly. We both just will have to buy the AW version:tup:

Alternatively, you could just buy a damn CRT and save yourself a couple hundred bucks.

…but they weight a SHIT-TON! :wasted: