Quick question: does wireless connection = more lag?

quick question: I have a new wireless xbox 360, got plenty of wireless bars, but some dumb gamestop employee said it ups the lag by 2-3 frame when playing online vs using a wired connection.

does anyone know if this is true? and if so is this lag on both players end, or does it put me at a disadvantage?

last dumb tech question for NSD, thanks!!!

I dunno if it’s that specific, but generally from what I hear wireless connections tend to lag

It comes down to distance and wireless interference.

I’m on a wireless connection and I have no problems. In fact, I got better connections on wireless than when set my PS3 up on a wired connection.

But my PS3 is less than 5 feet away from my router, and I don’t have any interference from any other wireless signals.

Saying it will lag 2-3 frames is a bit much. That’s 32-48ms. But wireless will always have more lag. How much depends on a lot of factors, but it will always be higher than a wired connection.

If you have the option of going CAT5 from xbox to router, do so.

The lag would be on both players ends. But generally unless you’re like in the same room as the router and there is a clear line of sight you’ll want to use a wired connection for street fighter or whatever fighting game you play. For crap like Halo, an extra couple of frames won’t matter.

I have a wireless adapter that I use sometimes and it pretty much makes street fighter completely unplayable. I get lag spikes every round even though I’m showing green bars. It probably has more to do with port triggering or some other networking mumbo that I don’t understand though.

It’s been tested that wires always trump wireless, to say that you have better connect with wireless is just bullcrap.
I use wireless cause I got no choice, don’t want to run a 10 meter wire through my house. I’m fine with playing wireless right now since I got a pretty good router + internet plan, but it’s definitely not as good as wires.

In the end this is all p2p based, if your opponent has shitty internet, there’s not much you can do, wires or wireless wouldn’t make a difference.

An important post concerning wireless from another thread:

Noooo, I really do have better connections when using wireless. My router is set to DMZ and for whatever reason, when I hook up my PS3 with a CAT5 cable, any connections for SSFIV I see are all either red or are blinking with no bars. Then all the connections lag when I play them. That’s not the case for me when I hook it up wirelessly.

In the end I blame Capcom’s crappy netcode, but really it makes no sense.

My wireless router is about three feet from my ps3. I haven’t noticed any lag.

ok like other stated
wireless lag more the wired.
if it’s not like this is because you block the connection on the wired port in your router or firewall o whatever.
the reason is quite simple, on the cable the signal go in only 2 direction, from the router to the console and from the console to the router, quite simple.
With wireless you’ll have a lot of issue first of all you might have neighbours that steal your connection to prevent it you usually encode the signal with thinks like wpa, wep and so on so you add to every packet you send on the net the time to decipher the packet and to encode it (from the console to the router and otherwise), the wireless signal spread at 360° degrees so is doesn’t go straight to the console. no matter how far tecnology can go a signal who go in only one direction is faster than a signal who go averywhere.
That said if you experience lag with the cable it might as whell be an old cable or a too cable too long. if your ethernet connection is connected with an internet cable longer than 3-5 meters it might experience a little lag or loss of data.

on another note turn off your pc while you play because you probably have installed A LOT of programs who talk on the web with some central server (for example google chrom check for update, an antivirus check for updates, trojan and virus might do think you don’t like on the net and so on) even windows himself talk on the net sometimes (more yes than no) so turn the pc off while plaing.