Quick question for Agetec modders (artwork related)

I’m halfway done w/ my mod and right now and I’d like to focus on the artwork.

What is generally the best way to attach artwork to an Agetec???

I’ve heard, lexan, plexiglass, laminate, etc…

I’m leaning towards just using laminate, but I’m not quite sure how this process goes.
(what kind of paper is best and what thickness of laminate???)

I think it’s pretty much sanding down the stock faceplate and pasting (rubber cement?)
the artwork right?

I plan on covering the vmu slot on the metal plate, so would I need to attach some sort
of putty and flaten that down too?

Any help would be much appreciated!



I’ve done my share of mods in my day.

What I do is a hard laminate. It’s extra work, and doesn’t look “as” good as a plexiglass finish. but it’s not bad.

I Believe if you go to your local kinkos or other graphics store, they will be able to either laminate your art, or point you in the general direction of what type of paper to print your artwork on. Normally its a thicker “photo” paper that they will give you, at that time, you can either apply it to your metal template (once you sanded it and removed the old graphics) with a 3m Adhesive spray you can purchase at a local Home Depot.

I attach mine with the spray adhesive. a standard 3M Super 77 spray. It hasn’t come undone and leaves a moderately clean finish if done right.

If you apply the art, (the artwork) should be thick enough to cover the VMU slot that you won’t need to apply any auxiliary putty. But if you want to cover it up, I suggest something called Quik-Plastic. it’s a putty that will bond with the case and create a very smooth finish once it hardens, you just sand it down and it will make it appear as if that VMU slot never existed.

I hope this helps.