Quick question from a newbie

So, I’m new around here. Can anyone tell me what this donation drive deal is, and the apparent competition with smash bros? As a fan of both series, I’d like to know what’s going down.
Thanks in advance.

You are little late buddy, the drive ended two days ago. Smash won the drive to get their game into EVO this year but SG put up a HELL of a fight thus earning respect through out the FGC, letting them know that our fanbase may be small but we are passionate about our game.

Well i wouldn`t call it a competition. I think people just wanted to show their appreciation for the game they love. I guess thats why neither SG or SSBM took any steps back. And to top it off all was done with a good cause in mind.

It’s already over. It was a donation drive to Breast Cancer in order to decide who got the 8th spot at EVO.

Oh… That’s a shame. Well, thanks for the info anyway. It’s a shame that Skullgirls won’t be at EVO.

It will be there as a side tournament.

It also got major tournament at UFGT and CEO due to the efforts we put up

There are also rumours for VXG having Skullgirls.

Yeah i read on twitter that Triforce was pretty amazed and wanted to try and get in contact with VXG. Would be pretty cool if he could do that. He just said that if EVO would not have us he would like to atleast get someone else to have Skullgirls as a lineup. I think its pretty nice that he we would try and attempt that.