Quick Question, How many Super Street Fighter 4 Collector / Tournament edition fightsticks ever made

Just wondering.


In total or version of the TE stick?

Causes there is Thousands of Mad Catz TEs

the title says
Super Street Fighter 4 Collector / Tournament edition fightsticks

not street fighter 4 tournament edition of chun lit or femme fatal or round 2 or watever

WTF? Darksakul has a point: they’re ALL Tournament Edition Fightsticks. Hell, he could’ve drilled down even further and asked you to specify if you meant the original or the TE-S.

Only MarkMan would be able to give you a solid number, but rest assured that it’s in the tens of thousands, at least.

Are you talking about the original Round 1’s or the TE-S’s (since you excluded the Round 2’s)?
Because if you meant the original Round 1’s, pretty sure the answer would be zero. Madcatz I don’t think made “Super” Street Fighter 4 TE sticks. The sticks they made for SSF4 were called TE-S.

^^^ Let’s get back to the question…

And yes it is te-s

Ambiguous meaning in that title/ original question. Also PEOPLE STOP USING THE TERM FIGHT STICK.

A Fight Stick is a wooden stick and Martial Art weapon you would use to beat the tar out of someone.
Not a arcade controller.

No exact stick was over mentioned so my answer still holds, there are thousands of TE arcade sticks in existence.
Round 2 was not a limited production run like the Femme Fatal, Comic Con or Gold TE. So what that was excluded but not the Round 1 I do not know.

Sort of there

The Round 1 TE and the Round 2 was the Street Fighter IV sticks.
Only difference between the Round 1 and Round 2 TEs other than Round 2 has a better PCB is cosmetic.

The TE-S has the Super Street Fighter IV Branding.

The regular TE-S is still in production, and the Chun Li TE-S although a "limited edition"still have thousands made. And isn’t a true collectors item.
I do not even know if Markman can give us a accurate number of TE models other than the special limited edtions.

The Limited edtions would include
Femme Fatal TE
Comic Con TE
Blaz Blue TE
Gold TE

With exception of the Gold TE, all the Collectors Limited edtions have clearly have a numbering on the sticks.
Example 0035 out of 1000, which would be 35 out of 1000 made.

The GOLD TEs aare Mad Catz made customs and I can’t say if they have the numbering or not.

Since the regular TE-S is still in production, asking how many there are in ridiculous. They are not a collectors item, not till mad Catz stop offering them and demands sky rocket.

Which it does not matter, not like I tune into PSB to watch Antiques Roadshow and see someone Appraising a Mad Catz TE any time soon.

Fightstick has many different meaning, and you are way out of subject sir. This is the fightstick that no one on this post knows

If that is the stock TE you were talking about, why did you not say so on POST # 1!!!

Your statement was too open to interpretation. Also next time you get smart with people who are only trying to help, you can by all means go play in a traffic.

That is a rendering, that stick was never made as such. It was released with the newer sides(on my crappy monitor it appears to have normal TE sides, but it may just be the poor contrast). If you look carefully you can even see the edge of the “S” to the left of the JLF. That was probably a render by a fan of the stick. It also appears to me that the left side is white while the right side is black.

Anyway, I own one of those TE-S sticks, and they made a ton of them. There is no Collector’s Edition about it. It says collector’s edition on the box, but that is with every TE arcade stick’s box, not just this model. I think they actually still make them to this day.

OP does not know what question he is asking. Think about it and ask it again. Try to use 25 words or more.

Yes, it was made by SFighterlove in the original TE/SE Template Thread.

OH god, i’m just wondering if anyone can answer the question. Not talk about fightstick

The way that you asked the question was ambiguous, not specific nor precise enough. Did you know there was a black version? So you only care how many white versions where sold? Since you shown only the xbox 360 version should I also assume that you only care about how many 360 versions where sold?

And even then nobody except Markman or one of his co-workers can answer. It is not public information. That is private corporate information that he is not at privilege to divulge, and giving that type of information may be a fireable offense.


wow get a clue… give up on your question. It is not rare, why do you even care?

I clearly said " just wondering " on my first post…

i believe the response is no one knows. To come and post a vague question and than put off many members who are trying to help isnt a very good way to assert your presence here at SRK. How about you PM markman or madcatz if you want a exact answer. i think the board has given you the best they can come up with. You have come to this community with the wrong mindset. We are here to help each other and discuss all thing fighting game related. Stick with gamefaqs if you want to start up stuff.

as the case in calling it arcade stick or fight stick i feel it is to each his own. madcatz brought the term fight stick with there product and it has stuck with many people. I myself cycle through the two terms. dont think there is a wrong in either saying.