Quick Question HRAP2

what size of bolt do you need to get the buttons out of the top ?
and also do i need to file anything down like the Tekken 5 or will i be able to fit in snap in a screw in ones ?

the buttons are snap-ins, though i have no idea what you’re talking about with a bolt

you mean when i open the bottom i have access to the buttons ?
because i thought you have to pull the screws out of the bottom to get to the metal that holds everything

Just use pliers.

I dont want to strip the damn things well anyways will the screw on buttons work ? because im thinking about ordering them through ponyboy ?

You won’t strip them I done it 5 or 6 times to mine. Just make sure you get a good grip on them before turning. Get snap-ins. Screw-in’s will work but for X you will have to sand down the nut because it won’t fit too well. Or you use Seimitsu nuts but that’s a waste of money.

Are you talking about the bolts on the faceplate of the stick? I used 7mm deep sockets for those, although some use needle nose pliers. All the info you need is on Tingoy’s HRAP modding tutorial.

well thanks well is there another person on the forums that sell the snap ins ?
i know there was a site that sold them on the forums but i can remember what it was


As Yeton said, a Nut screwdriver with a 7mm attachment is what you’re looking for. If you don’t have one lying around, I suppose you could go with pliers.

If you get Sanwa Buttons then you will need the Seimitsu Nuts. If you use Seimitsu, then you would just use the ones that come with it. But your better off getting snap-ins as it is easier to just get in.

And for the screws to remove the faceplate, I just used needle nose pliers. Couldn’t find my 7mm attachment.

wait so your saying that if i order normal 30mm sanwa pushbuttons that they wont fit and i would need to get more stuff or will it fit ?

He’s saying that if you buy Sanwa Screw-ins (OBSN-30), you will need the nuts (no homo) from Seimitsu buttons in order to screw in the OBSN-30 in the X button slot.

Just buy snap-ins from either Sanwa (OBSF-30) or Seimitsu (PS-14-G or PS-14-K or PS-14-P) and follow my guide. You’ll be problem free =)

To avoid confusion (and effort when installing), just buy snap-ins. There’s no real benefit in having screw-ins for a HRAP anyway and they’re a little cheaper to boot.