Quick Question IS DUDLEY BLACK?

my friend says he’s not, that he’s just dark. he says “look at balrog, or elena”…i think dudley is black.
apparently a lot of people are split on this.
maybe udon guys can clear this up.

Considering Udon didn’t create the character…

Anywho, Duds is black. He was raised in England, thus his accent and mannerisms, but he is black. How can you tell? Well, there was this one doujin where he…


He’s black.

I don’t really know

He seems middle-eastern to me.

I know he’s british but, I also know that there is quite an established east indian community there. His whole appearence resonates with me to being Indian anyway.

I’ve got family in England who originaly immigrated from India. My cousins and second cousins have crazy british accents. They’re wealthy too; although, they worked for their wealth(as opposed to being descendants of English noblemen). Dudley is supposed to come from a rich family but, I don’t think that capcom has really elaborated on much of anything else besides that. If he’s not an Indian then, he’s probably Arabic or something.

What Doujin?

WHAT DOUJIN?!?!?!?!?

his hair doesn’t seem to be like a black persons to me, but his skin could go either way. damn good question rabid.

you guys just can’t accept to concept of a wealthy black man.


He’s black

His car has it’s own sprite. He is black.

He’s a white guy trapped in a black guy’s body lol. :rofl:

he doesnt look black at all to me, or fucking east indie. judging by that nose and stache i took him as turk.

he’s black lol. people act like there are no black people in England.

Black People in England when did this happen?

dudley sold me a dime hes fkn black now shut it.

Dudley’s a boxer. So he must be black or hispanic. Or he’s be dubbed a great white hope. Hence…he’s black. Lol


ignorant fuckers,

there’s like 5-6M blacks in England, 2-3M live in london alone. and when u consider then the population of london is just over 7m. thats a lot. how do I know this, im black and lived in London for 14 out of my 19 years.

Look at the fucking England football (soccer) team for fucks sake

He looks like the strong arm alchemist…

holy crap, what happened?

How did an innocent question incite such defensiveness? Seriously, he asked because he wasn’t sure and, I responded with my thoughts. Yeah, he could be black(of african descent) but, he may also be indian(arabic indian), turkish, or of any other dark coloured peoples.

The nature of his hair(being straight not curly), and his nose(angular and large) in particular made me consider Dudley to be something other than a Black Englishman.

Also, I never said that him being rich was a reason why he might not be black. He just reminded me of my wealthy relatives who live in England. Indian people grow their facial hair(at least sikhs usually do) and, it’s a shared English and Indian custom to twist the moustache much the same fashion that Dudley has. My british cousins have the same moustaches, thus, I am reminded of their appearence when I see Dudley.

The brits and India have a long standing relationship, India was after all once part of the British Empire. I think that Dudley being an Indian would simply extend the tradition of having identifiably international characters in Street Fighter’s roster. He is identifiably ethnic and, next to actually hailing from India, being English is the most identifiably Indian trait.

I shouldn’t even have to say it but, it’s not out of prejudice or preference that I think this way. It is simply a reasonable theory. Please don’t take it for anything other than that.

That’s all this thread is really about, theory, as I’m quite positive that there isn’t any official statement that defines an answer to this question. I don’t know how I can be more considerate than that so, please don’t take offense to what I’ve written. Respect to whatever the hell composes Dudley’s heritage.

i called dudley on the celly hes black nuff said

He’s black. Get over it.

Balrog’s black too. So is Elena. So is Sean. GET OVER IT. :frowning:

Urien isn’t black, he’s made out of fuckin’ Ironskin.

This thread made me lol, so hard.