Quick question JLF ground? to EX2

i cant find it, so ima ask

can someone tell me how exactly i mod my JLF sanwa pcb to a Hori EX2? do i still use my JLF pin cable?


in the middle of modding my ex2

all sanwa, got the jlf gate and base perfectly in!

Find a common ground on the PCB where the directions should go and solder the black wire to any one of the 4 common grounds. The 4 directions should work fine if you do this.

I don’t think the Hori EX2 has a common ground but I could be wrong. I think this should work for what you want to do…


Both the Wii fighting stick and PS3 Fighting stick seem to not have common ground, but method I mentioned works on both, so I assumed that it would be the same on the DOA4 and EX2. If it doesn’t work than my bad.

Easiest way to try to see if it works is to press the wires up against the leads and see if they will work.