Quick question. MC Cthulhu to Neutrik Jack?

Hey there folks. I have here an MC Cthulhu ready to go into an old TE and I’m not concerned about keeping the 360 functionality. I have the MCC and a neutrik jack but im not sure its the right one. I bought this one here. http://www.neutrik.com/en/ethercon/d-series/ne8fdp-b from focus attack. Im not sure how to connect my MCC to my RJ45. A cable? Does it have to be soldered.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, soldering is unblockable.

You will need an RJ45 cable. Cut off one end and strip the 8 wires, solder these in the correct order the row 1 on the MCC. You will then need to crimp RJ45 plugs onto whatever console cables you want to use.

Ive seen some mods with a cable running between the MCC USB out into the RJ45 passthrough. Is this impossible?

I guess it’s possible if all you want is USB to function.
If you want other consoles to work you’re going to need to solder.

If you only want USB then why not just plug in a A-B USB cable and be done? No need for the RJ45 jack.

I do want the RJ45 connection on the outside so that I can have multiple console cables ready to go. I can solder it it’s not a big deal I just wasn’t aware that I had to. So solder an rj45 cable to the MCC and straight into the passthrough and away I go right? Thanks for all the help. The official topic is a bit much to read for simple questions.

How else would you connect an MCC to an RJ45 jack? Remember that the MCC is now very old technology, I’m sure that if it was ever revised then Toodles would slap on an RJ45 jack much like the PS360+

But for now you will have to solder, and in the correct order.

This was essentially my question. Thanks for the help guys! Solder it is. Didn’t realize that the MCC was outdated. :confused:

It’s still perfectly functional, it just hasn’t been updated for a very long time.

Closest thing is the Kitty boards but they don’t seem to exist any more : (

I don’t mean to derail this thread but I’m in need of a bit of clarification to Gahrling’s earlier post.

Is it really just that simple for legacy consoles as described? If that’s true, I’m assuming the other rows are for dual-modding and LED lights, perhaps?

Not entirely sure what you mean, but all the rows on an MCC are if you wanted to solder console cables directly to it. But having just a single cable running to a modular jack makes so much more sense.

I see. It’s hard for me to properly explain it although your post did clear up some inconsistencies.

Is there any additional benefit to directly soldering the console cables to the MCC? I’m with you that the single cable method would make more sense indeed. I guess I’m shocked it’s as easy as the RJ-45 wire soldered to the MCC that connects into a Neutrik adapter.

IMO there is no real benefit soldering the console cables directly to the MCC. Aside from anything else it would make your stick unnecessarily messy with multiple cables coming out of it.

Does anybody have a lovely guide on how to attach the Rj45 Cable to the MCC cthulhu? I’m in over my head.

Thank you!