Quick question on st.mk>GJ

vs.chun and makoto:

during command grab, can i buffer qcf, land on the other side, st.mk, tiger knee p(gj).

if i can infact buffer the first qcf motion, would it be backwards because of the change of sides?

Though I can’t test it, I think you’d have plenty of time to buffer in the first qcf when you’re on the landing side. So you’d wait for Yun to switch sides, then do qcf, close standing mk, tiger knee + Punch.

Not 100% on this though.

I got it on buffer…
Another question…
What is the best combo to do mid screen after a successful st.mk>gj? on say ken or dudley?

I would say
If you are somehow close to the corner
St MK, activate, Palm, improvise

If you are really close, I wuld say St MK, Hop kick or medium dragon kicks and Improvise

After a st mk I usually dont have any preset combos, I only improvise from my position
I think its good for you to get used to do that.

midscreen means away from corner in the middle of the screen…I understand about improvising, but there are set combos that deal the most amount of damage…

Oh sorry I f$%% up, I meant that on midscreen I usually go for a hop kick then juggle to the corner acordingly.

The main you gotta focus on (damage scalin wise) is try to avoid specials, and in case a special is required, try to make as less reduction as possible (try avoiding 3 hit dash punchs etc), GJ is veeeeery situational, so theres not an exact combo to do from a specific point midscreen. Always remember though that the main idea is to never drop your opponent.
I could keep going all day but I guess experience is your best friend.

Heres the Improvisation guide I made, its on both my teaches Yun and complete genei jin threads, hope it helps a little


So, a few days ago a friend asked me this: How do I learn how to improvise
Is funny cause I never tried to make a guide about this cause I tought it would be really hard to tell you all you need to know, but ok, here I am giving my best shot. I really hope this helps you new Yun players to kick some ass

How Do you Improvise?

As you probably already saw in this guide, your main gameplay is to turn genei jin outside of a combo since a complete combo is not to likely to happen against a good player.
Also, in a conservative way of playing (the one I use) regardless of how much life you got or anything else, sometimes your opponent doesnt have to do much in order to put you in situation #3 since sometimes you just runaway and charge meter and when you get it you turn it on from far away by yourself

I just want to lave something clear in here, situation #3 is not bad, its actually really good too but in this situation, the free damage rate is 60% not 90% like in the other 2, but hey its still more than 50%, so you still have a big chance to aquire a nice amount of damage.
So whenever you have that meter, turn it on, remember that.

Ok back to topic.
To learn how to improvise first you have to actually realize some stuff
Ive seen newbie yun players get somehow “scared” when they turn on the force outside of the combo, sometimes cause they don want to move cause they wont want to get hit by random pokes, second whenever they get a hit they dont know what to to and they mash and buttons so they dont continue the juggle, other is that they dont know how to continue a command grab and other times they forgot that genei jin is all about JUGGLES.

So, let me help you a little bit
First of all, when you’re improvising you gotta realize that 98% of genei jin combos use the same timing, but read carefully, I said same timing not same hits. To prove my point, check some videos and check that “Ey, ey, ey” sound the crowd does, why they do that? you think that all of them know how to use yun and what hes gonna do?
The answer is no, yes there might be some yun players but not much.
The reason about why everyone knows when to yell “Ey” in time is because they know that regardless of what Yun does, every hit will come with the same timing.

Ive seem some really bad Yun players that Improvise really… Ok I dont wanna say bad lets just say weird , but still, the “Ey ey ey” sound could apply to them.
So, whenever you get a hit realize that in order to continue the combo you must have a timing DONT MASH.

Theres another thing, if you already know how to do all genei jin combos but you think you dont know how to improvise you are wrong.
Let me explain you why

In the Genei Jin thread I tried to teach you all I know combo wise so I hope that by the time you read this you at least know how to the genei jin combos you need. So, how do this apply to improvisation?
Well, I want you to think of something first.

What do you know now you can perform all these combos?
Ok yeah, I know that Yun is top tier too but what else do you know?
cmon think a little…

Now you know how to use the whole genei jin meter time in combo, you (hopefully) know how to do a combo that uses genei jin from start to finish
When you’re improvising like I already told you in the guide above, you must try to connect a genei jin ender for all the reasons I already gave you, so your maint point is to find an opening and get from that point in the bar you are by the time you find it to a finisher.

If you already know how to get from a full bar, getting from half a bar to the finish shouldnt be that hard dont you think?
Cmon lets practice a little

Ok, now that (hopefully) you know that you shouldnt mash, lets get started with the practice
A few lines back you read that some yun players Ive seen improvise "weird"
yes, there are ways of improvising that are more damaging that others, but if you are still learning, ignore that for now

Whenever you are improvising the first thing you gotta focus on is not to drop your opponent. So It doesnt matter what you do, the first thing you must do is to adjust your timing

I got a friend in my area called “the potato”, and whenever he gets to connect a lets say a anti ai dash punch while in genei jin, you know what he does

after lunge punch hits. st forward, st forward, st forward, st forward, genei jin ends, st forward, fierce dash punch

so, my question is this, is the potato messing up?
for experienced and long time yun players this might be wrong, but guess what
the potato is not dropping he is opponent, therefore he is on a right track, he does have to train but hes got the main idea, he is not dropping his opponent, he is not getting scared, hes got a nice timing and he connected probably not the best one, but he did connected a genei jin ender

With time you’ll get to a point when improvising is second nature to you
the other day I got to connect a random anti air lunge punch while in genei jin and this is what I did

after lunge punch hits, st. strong, hop kick, f+ fierce, kara f+fierce, hop kick, st. far away forward, genei jin ends, medium shoulder, f+ fierce, kara jab lunge punch.

As you can see, there is a difference between the potato and me, but yet we have in common that we are not droppingour opponent, we dont get scared and we connected a genei jin ender.
If the way you improvise is like the potato’s , let me tell you you are not a scrub cause you are on the right track, but you are not a pro yet, you got stuff to learn.

So the first thing to learn is how to be on a potato stage
Im not telling you to to st forward like crazy when improvising, Im telling you that you should not drop your opponent, thats your goal.

Now, after you get this timing straight (by this I mean you never drop your opponent) heres when you can start choosing what is more damaging and whats not. Heres when you’re free to whatever you like, the only thing you gotta consider is that regardless of what you choose to do you should always keep your timing the same.

Now, how you choose whats more damaging and whats not?
ok lets get back to that improvisation example I gave you a few lines back

after lunge punch hits, st. strong, hop kick, f+ fierce, kara f+fierce, hop kick, st. far away forward, genei jin ends, medium shoulder, f+ fierce, kara jab lunge punch.

Now, you tell me why I didnt do this

after lunge punch hits, st strong, hop kick, f+ fierce, fierce lunge punch, Palm, fierce lunge punch, genei jin ender

It works too, and it is not potato style either
why I didnt do it?
cause I know damage scaling, I know that a lunge punge hit 3 times and each hit has damage reduction so that wont hurt much, you remember those inmortal words? Damage is genei jin goals, but hey I wait
another reason I did it that way is because I knew I was close enough to the corner.

If I were in a situation where I couldnt hit the opponent with nothing else thatn a lunge punch I wouldnt care if the lunge punch gives a damage reduction or not, you gotta remember too that you shouldnt drop your opponent.
You gotta leanr how to judge each situation too.
Now, moving on

Another good thing to know is that it doesnt matter what you do, in order to connect a genei jin ender, the only hit that matters is the last one you give while on genei jin, so you must learn how to connect a genei jin ender regardless of what your last hit is.

Lets work with this example.
Lets say your opponent is cornered and you manage to get him into situation #1 you are mixing up highs and lows and you manage to connect a cr. short to palm.
What do you do?
The potato would go, f+ fierce, f+fierce, genei jin ends f+ fierce
but now you have your timing right you shouldnt be like the potato so what do you do?

First of all you have to look at your meter, you gotta realize that you shouldnt be scared, you think pro players look at their meter and they go like "Oh I can see I have 2.6 seconds left so I should do this"
No!, well at least I wouldnt stress myself that much.

I would do this, I would look at my meter and say mmmm ok, so is a nice ammount of meter, I think I can afford more than 1 hit (notice I didnt say I can afford 2 or 3 hits, I said more than 1) so I go for a hop kick, I look at my meter again and I see Im running out of meter so I should worry about connecting a genei jin ender, I look at the meter and I think “I can only afford 1 more hit” so

I go for st far away forward, genei jin ends, medium shoulder, f+ fierce, kara jab lunge punch.
Now heres something to think about

Lets work with that same example but tis time you are not cornered,
First I would think, Oh crap, better keep with that juggle, so I go for a lunge punch regardless of damage reduction and keep juggling.
You follow me?? you gotta judge each situation carefully.

But theres some other stuff to know
Lets work with that same example but byt the time you look at your meter you have more than half of your bar.

You can think, allright, I think I can connect something nice in here.
So you go for a hop kick, and you think “oh I can afford more than 2 hits” so you go for another hop kick, but then you look at your opponent and you’re dropping him, so you think “oh crap, what should I do”, let say you’re playing against Ken and you remember that in kens complete genei jin combo after 2 hop kicks you use a palm, then you look at your meter and you see your running out of time so you remember that to connect a genei jin ender from a palm against ken you can use roundhouse dragon kicks, genei jin ends, genei jin ender, that was nice dont you think
Now, lets say that after that last palm your opponent doesnt bounce high enough for the dragon kicks to connect and you notice it, what do you do

You can think, Oh I remember that in hugos genei jin you use a lunge punch after a palm, so you go for it, now, genei jin ends, but from hugos combo you remember you gotta look for the shoulder to switch sides, but you are not sure if it would work against ken so you play safe and instead of the shoulder you use a st forward, f+ fierce, kara lunge punch.

You follow what Im saying, you gotta judge each situtation carefully and dont drop your opponent and please, for Gods sake, DONT MASH.

Ok, Im done for now, I tried to explain you as much as I could from improvisation but you gotta also realize that only practice and experience will lead you to become a good player. I hope this guide helped you understand the basics of improvisation
Any question or recomendations for the guide post them and I will try to answer as best as I can

hmm, I use these for makoto and chun-li after mid screen command grab or connected close st. MK

-close st.MK xx SJ xx GJ, st.MP, f.MK, kara HP(MP~HP), f.MK(now in the corner), palm, f.MK, palm, ender
-close st.MK xx SJ xx GJ, st.MP, f.MK, walk, close st.MK, palm, quick HP lunge punch(now in the corner), palm, f.MK, palm, ender

if the second f.mk doesn’t get you to corner, replace kara HP with palm until it does

with the common ender the first will do about 70~80 dmg, the second somewhat less because of the lunge punch
and a little plus if, placed instead of the last palm: st.MP, close st.MK,(GJ ends), palm, HK upkicks/KO finisher/f.HP, kara lunge/cr.HK,st.HK (last only for chun-li)

kinda works with everyone, but replace the palms to st.HP for the characters which the palm doesn’t connect

you can also st. MP, f.MK, MP shoulder and shoulder away to the corner

damn yo… JD said a mouthful… I agree with him that if you are learning, ignore the damage reduction scale for now, and just worry about “timing” and “bounce”. for now, you can even ignore “proper” enders.

The biggest thing you need to know about juggling mid screen or across screen in gj is timing and DISTANCE. know distances of your dive punches and shoulders, and how to time them correctly to hit your juggled opponent once. a mis-used dive punch will send your opponent flying the other way, defeating the purpose of carrying your opponent into the corner. I know when I started playing yun all I did was dive punch > palm > dive punch > palm etc… did absolutely no damage, but it taught me timing and just which dive punches I should use in what situation.

All in all, keep playing ^^