Quick question on the SFIV SE stick washer-PCB problem

I know the SE sticks have a washer in them that scrapes on the PCB. I’ve opened mine up and I can see that the washer is scraping. I’ve only used mine for a single night, and I don’t want to destroy it by playing with it. I’m planning on modding it with a new joystick, but I don’t know much about stick modding.

If I put a new stick in there, will that stick come with a replacement PCB? I was planning on just using my stick until it ate itself and then replacing the stick and buttons, but if replacing the stick won’t fix the problem, I’m just going to hold off on using it at all. I don’t want to use it until it breaks and have no way of fixing it.

I’ve gone through several threads about the stick, and the answer seems to be yes, but no one answers the question directly. Could someone with more knowledge comment?


There is the how too that gives you the names of the parts to replace for the SE. As far as i have read, yes it does comes with a PCB. Here is the link to the Lizard Lick site…

The stick is… Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable
If you don’t want to click the link here is the little discription for it :slight_smile:
"Due to popular demand, we are now offering this version of the popular JLF series stick for all of our customers who are modding their SE series Fightstick… This model has the correct PCB orientation for drop-in replacement, pre-installed mounting plate (JLF-P1), and includes a black shaft cover (JLF-CD). It does not include the wiring harness. Your choice of ball top color from the Sanwa LB-35’s listed below. All JLF series sticks ship set for 8-way operation."

Awesome, that’s all I needed to know. My big worry was that I’d wear it out, order a new stick, and suddenly find that all I was doing was changing out the stick mechanism itself, not the scraped up PCB.

I was worried I was going to have to buy a controller and crack it open for the PCB, which is a little more hassle than I am willing to put up with.


Of course it does. Have you modded a SE stick before? If you buy a Sanwa stick it comes with all of this: http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/attributes_brands/jlf_xp.jpg

Ah, my bad. I was confused about the nature of the washer problem. Ignore me :looney:

The stick comes with a new PCB that the stick itself uses. The washer jacks up the old stick pcb and the JLF comes with it’s own. The PCB that the whole units uses to communicate with the system is not part of the equation here.

Taken from the SE modding thread:

In other words, yes, that would make you good to go, my man. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was confused. I thought, for some reason, that the main PCB got destroyed, but then I looked at a picture of the SE, and saw that this was impossible.

The stick in the MC SE stick don’t last long. Mine went register left after only two days of use. If you plan on ordering new parts do it now as the stick is bound to break. If I were you I would try and glue that washer down before it damages the pcb. This thread explains how to switch out the sticks. Once the stick is out it is pretty easy to get to to glue it down.