Quick Question Quest

This might be the wrong spot, but I think it’s close enough. Does anyone know when the Rival Schools comic is supposed to come out? I’m bugging the comic shop people to death obsessing over it. Help me out.

It’s only supposed to be one issue, though. :frowning:

Hmm cool i didn’t know, but i saw pictures and would also like to know.

The comic is being published by Dreamwave Productions. It seems they were lucky enough to snag several Capcom properties for comic books. However, since their own website didn’t contain a release date, I don’t think anyone else will. So stop badgering your comic shop guys, they have feelings too!

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I asked this question in GD a while back and thought you might interested in that thread too:


Even if it is just a ‘Summer Swimsuit Special’ I’d still get it just because it’s from my favoritest fighting game. Well, no clue when it comes out still…

Any dates on the calender? I really want that, too. :frowning: