Quick Question regarding Kawaks

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s a way to play neogeo roms online on the “console” setting (Kawaks–>Game–>Neogeo Settings…–> Console) using kawaks. I’ve tried this before but it switches to “arcade” automatically, even when both users have selected “console” mode. Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

But is it possible to do the same thing on a different emu ?

sorry but i think that all neogeo emulators (mame, kawaks, nebula and fba) will only play the arcade version of the games online…

no its possible to play “home” neogeo setiing on mame.

load the game, press tab, go to dip switches, change the machine mode from arcade to home. press Left Shift + F10, then restart the game by pressing F3.

another reason kawaks sucks :tdown:

Don’t use kawaks.
Everyone on the US server uses MAME32k 0.64 anyway.

Thanks Rocklee, I’ve tried MAME32 0.64K but the visual quality is crap compared to kawaks (don’t wanna get flamed here :P). Thanks again…

You can make it pretty much the same if you do this:

1024x768 windowed (Highest Refresh Rate)
2x Zoom
Horizontal Scanlines 75%
Wait V’Sync
Hardware Stretch x3

o_0 It works but its kinda choppy at the resolution u recommended, I’ll keep it smaller :slight_smile: Thanx for all the help guys.

sorry for the misleading info i put on… my bad :tdown:
i just tested fba and it also works with console version online… can’t test nebula though… it seems to crash everytime i try to go to kaillera :xeye: