Quick question regarding LS-32-01


Unfortunately there is a ungodly amount of threads so search is damn near worthless. Is there any spring to replace the one in the ls-32-01 to make it tighter and does the sanwa bat top adapter fit on it? Thanks in advance.


put another ls-32 spring or a ls-33 spring in there with the old one.


There’s an ungodly amount of threads because of threads just like this one. Even if you can’t find an answer through a search, you should ask questions like this is the other threads like the Sanwa/Seimitsu FAQ.

And just to be “nice” I’ll tell you that yes the Sanwa battop does fit on the LS-32-01.



Bats also fit on both. Check the AkihabaraShop.jp Joystick Accessories:

Yep. 90% of what people are looking for can be found at Google with site:shoryuken.com.