Quick question regarding matchmaking

Hey quick question,

Why is it that when you clearly set your arcade fight request to same level, you still get games with players who have thousands of pp higher than you?
Right now i have only 371 pp and every time i seem to get a little higher, there is a 2000+ pp’er who basically takes my points right away.

I really prefer to play against people who have the same skill as me.
Aside from that i tried custom match searching, but I’m getting too many failed to join games, so i can’t play as much as i want to.

Am i doing something wrong or is the match making system just really really bad.

You should be thankful anytime you get to play someone better than you.

Sorry but no. When someones a little better than me that’s fine… i can learn from that… But you can’t learn anything from getting raped by someone FAR more experienced than you. At least IMO.

Why are you getting beaten so badly?

When you play against someone thats way more experienced than you are, you don’t get a chance to recover, you don’t get a chance to try a different tactic… I constantly get pushed back and get no chance to even be offensive. When i play against my own level, i can actually try things out and learn what works and what doesn’t. Like i said, having someone a little better is fine… but again, nothing can be learned from being ‘raped.’

Understanding why that is happening and finding a way to correct it is the best thing that you can do.

I get what you’re saying but it’s not an answer to my first post though. I see a LOT of people saying. “Well you can learn much more from losing etc.” For me that doesn’t work. The way i feel i progress the BEST way, is when i match up against people that are around my skill. < Everyone has his or her way of improving their skill. This way, personally is mine and that’s why i made the topic with that question regarding matchmaking.

The reason why is because during same skill match up’s, you can actually survive mistakes and fix what you have done wrong in that same round. When you go against someone way higher, you cannot afford one mistake because it will get punished severely, and that’s understandable of course. (Plus there are jokers out there who like to take the piss out of you once they’re done chaining combo’s by doing a taunt.)

What i’m trying to say is that being thrown in the deep is not beneficial to me. I need to slowly raise the bar each and every time.

I hope there are other players out there who recognize what I’m talking about and can see where I’m coming from.

You don’t like it when you lose, so you say you learn more when you play people you win 50% against. Drop your ego.

This teaches you not to make that mistake anymore, thus making you better. Understand?

Get bodied and you will get better.

I think that’s a brash assumption that you’re making, saying that i don’t mind losing, because as we’re speaking right now, I’m doing ranked matches, and in fact losing.
Just because I’m trying to find a solution for the match making and explaining the reason behind it, doesn’t mean that i have an ego and that i hate losing. I just means that i’m trying to fix something that’s not working correctly.

It would surprise me if that kind of training actually made you better at the game. Playing the game against bad players, especially in Street Fighter 4, is not a recipe for success.

…but it’s up to you I guess.

Losing to someone who destroys you will make anyone angry and not want to play that person at all, but if you stick with it instead of playing people at or below you skill level, you will adapt and eventually become just as good as them.

Hell, right now I’m about to go get my ass whooped in SF4 by my friend because he is amazing. (He actually was in grand finals at Lake Erie Summer Slam and won a game against PerfectLegend). Its all in the name of getting better.


I understand what you’re saying. I too am in the same situation. I just started playing and getting matched up with someone WAY above you is frustrating. and I dislike it as well.

for everyone that is jumping on him for “not wanting to get beat” or having an ego…he just asked a simple question… you CAN CHOOSE to respond to it… or not… but don’t start making broad generalizations about the subject or the player. when starting out in a game like this is can Be DAUNTING… there is A LOT to the game for people not accustomed to MVC or fighters in general… having time to figure out a plan of attack or making adjustments allows you to make them faster or better in the future when you learn what works and what doesn’t and how to block characters(players)

This game can go at a breakneck speed, playing against people the same level slows it down and allows you to learn a bit better.

Hit me up on XBL if you are on there XBL is catharses

also… see this

I’m not horrible at the game and when i am matched up against someone of my own rank, i still lose at times… It’s not like i’ll always win then.

I can understand where you’re coming from. I too have a few friends who are really good at street fighter and i do play against them when i have the opportunity to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, i totally understand what you’re saying by just sticking to playing against higher level players and waiting it out until you adapt. For me, (Unfortunately) that typical way of playing doesn’t work for me. It has nothing with not wanting to lose or ego or anything like that. I just don’t get the feeling that i’m learning. You know what, you might be absolutely right when you say that I’ll learn from every loss and i will definitely take your word for it. But just like choosing a character, or an arcade stick… you gotta stick with what works best for you.

Ideally for me (and i think thats whats capcom was trying to go for with the same skill option) , i would want to be able to start against players of my own skill… as you build up your wins, you gain more pp and thus you’ll get matched up against players who are stronger… So in essence, the game gets a little harder every time. Naturally, as you progress you will lose too, and thats TOTALLY fine,I have no problem with that whats so ever. But being able to fight a slightly more difficult opponent as you slowly improve is (for me personally) a better way to increase my skill. Thats what i meant by slowly raising the bar each and every time.

<-------- Is saying that you would progress faster against better people but gives up on thread.


Thank you so much, i was getting worried that what I’m saying was actually not making any sense.
Unfortunately i’m not on XBL i’m a PS3 player and i’m referring to Super Street Fighter AE.
The same thing applies to MvC though actually. Because they too have that function that appears to not be working correctly.

Try to learn after the match is over. You can watch match replays and try to recreate problem scenarios in Training mode. Ask for help on the forum if you don’t understand what happened in the match.

Play against the best players that you can find who will tolerate you. These are physical games; you have to train against real competition.

shit… i have like 30 windows open and somehow confused your post with a MvC3 one… same applies… fighting people TOO high above you is not the fastest way to progress… it’s still true

Bottom line is, the only way youre going to get better is to keep losing. If you cant handle that then maybe fighting games aren’t your deal :confused:

For some reason people keep misinterpreting my post. sighs

Hello, I’m going to make a suggestion. Create an endless lobby, you can now name your lobby, there are options such as Beginners welcome, 0-1000pp… From there you can meet other players around your skill level. Endless also tends to have a friendlier atmosphere then ranked.

Good luck with your fighting and have fun.