Quick question regarding SSF4 AE DLC (Xbox Live)


Hey guys,

If I buy Super Street Fighter 4, then purchase the AE DLC for 1200 microsoft points from Xbox Live, is this basically the same as me going to the store and buying AE? Will I have all the achievements characters etc? I can get it a little cheaper if this is the case.



Used SSF4 and $20 bucks for 1200 MS points. I think it would be cheaper. But im not sure how much the AE DLC is now. It was only like $5 bucks back when it came out

you get everything that Super had. Just updated character changes/ oni and E Ryu


Yea I can get SSF4 for £10 and 1200 MS Points for £8. So I’d be saving about £5. Checked on the marketplace and the DLC is still 1200 points.

Just my main concern was that I wouldn’t be missing anything compared to buying AE straight from the store!


its all the same if you just buy it from the store


Alright thanks dude!