Quick question, throw vs. moonsault

normal throw vs. moonsault press, which one has higher priority?

360 punch has more… and reach… hcb kick doesn’t have that good of priority and not that good of reach. normal throw takes off the most damage compared to other characters

you mean normal throw does more damage than 360?

and is the jab 360 faster than the fierce?
i use the jab 360 usually
i know it does less damage… but then sometimes i mess up and i can’t afford doing a crouching fierce in the heat of a match

If I remember correctly (which I might not be) they both have the same startup?

In any case, yeah, 360 has more range and damage… and if they DO have same startup, the obvious better choice. But it’s easier to hit 2 buttons in a pinch than it is to do 360. :slight_smile:

As for “priority” (evil, evil word) I have no idea. If both executed at the same time, I don’t know who would win… (assuming they have same startup) If it’s anything like Makoto’s karakusa, I assumed they would tech.

no hugos standard throw is the most damaging NORMAL throw in the game outside of necros behind throw…

all of hugos 360s have the same startup time… but jab has the most range and the fp version does the most damage…mp is inbetween range and damage… i always piano mp and jab in certain situations…

if both came out at the sametime… 360 will win… think about it… u can empty jump in with a 360 and majority of players ALWAYS throw on an empty jumpin… :badboy:

360 is untechable? good, that’s what i wanted to hear LOL :devil:

ALL command throws are untechable.

…and the guy on the ground has “priority” vs jump-in throws. He can execute his first. Don’t forget that 360 has super jump motion in it, it’s a natural superjumpcancel.

command throws are definately techable.


i don’t do a whole 360 motion for the moonsault press, i only do about 225 degrees + p. like the tigerknee motion

man i think you can only tech a throw with a command throw …
like sb is gonna throw you and you do a karakusa at the same time
the oposite i don’t think is possible …

it’d be nice to get this clear… any1 ?

I dont know if 360 is techable but karakusa is techable for sure. It happnes to me all the time when i play as makoto and i play against ken. he doesnt have a command grab and he techs my karakusa

Command throws are untechable, but they can be used to tech out of normal throws. For example, you cannot use a normal throw to tech out of Hugo’s 360, but as Hugo you can use the 360 to tech out of an opponent’s normal throw. Sometimes when you do a 360 it might look like it’s getting teched by a normal throw, but in reality the other guy pressed normal throw right before you did your 360 motion, so you end up teching the other guy’s normal throw. The same thing works with Hugo’s other command throws, Makoto’s karakusa, Yun/Yang’s command throw, and Alex’s powerbomb, and might work with Q’s c&db, although I’ve never seen it and tend to think that its long startup makes it infeasible.

Hum … Is the moonsault press a “jump canceled” move?
I’m asking just because it includes the down - up move .
If it’s jump canceled , it will always overcome a normal throw , or not ?

Sorry if I’m saying bullshit , it’s been a while since I last played :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not necessarily superjump canceled, like if you do the motion in the air or during another move, but if you do it standing, then yeah, I guess it is. And I suppose, as a result, it’s invincible to throws. I guess that means a 360 will always beat a normal throw if they’re done at the same time. Here’s a question, though, and I don’t have a console here so I can’t check it out: what happens if two Hugo players each do a 360 at the same exact time? Do they both whiff? That would be my guess. And here’s another question: what if one guy does a 360, but the other does a superjump canceled normal throw? My guess is that the game would probably catch on fire.

pretty sure its a double whif in both cases

im at work and cant check now though

If both Hugo’s threw at the same time, unless there’s some weird kind of property at work, I think they’d just both tech out. What’s to make either one of them to whiff if they’re both in their active throw frames at the same time?

BTW, you can’t super-jump cancel a normal throw since it’s not a special move. What would happen anyway? Well I don’t have a clue because I don’t have frame data to tell me what’s Hugo’s start up frames for his normal throw and 360, but I’ll guess anyway. Since by doing a 360, you really are doing a super-jump cancel, so probably like 3 frames (or whatever Hugo’s pre-jumping frames are) on start up for the 360 will be invulnerable to throws. And since both Hugos are throwing at the same time, i.e. their start up frames are sychronized, if Hugo’s normal throw is active on the fourth frame, then the 360 should be outthrown because it’s start up time is too long and it lost it’s invulnerability to throws.

Like I said, I’m guessing about this since I don’t know what the actual frame values are, and whatever they actually are is will determine which throw wins, unless there’s an unknown factor that supercedes all of this, like some kind of priority.

I don’t know if I’m going crazy, but I’m pretty sure you can tech out of karakusa with a normal throw. Although rare, I’ve done it a few times with Ken, and I’ve seen in one of Billykane’s match vids. You just have to tech before the karakusa catches you…

Question…if you’re not using SA2 is there any reason to use Hugo’s hcb+K?

Well there’s no reason to use SAII, for one thing. As for the ultra throw, you should use it just because of its name. And also because, in the corner, it’s the fastest way to set up a good combo, say, if you don’t have enough time for a fierce clap.

if you use qcf + rh after the ultra throw you can put yourself right next to your opponent for mix ups…
if you use air grab after ultra throw you can put them in the corner (or close to the corner/get out of the corner yourself), and you get to taunt after…so it’s really a personally call as in when to use it… if you’re close enough to do the ultra throw then you’re close enough to do a fp 360… which does quite a bit of dmg…