Quick question to original TE Stick

Regarding the original TE sticks with the white panels on the side, is there anyway I can take them off and spray them black?.

Yes. You can remove the side panels.
Can even replace with black sides from another TE.
Can even replace with wooden sides: http://www.focusattack.com/products/Wood-Sides-Replacement-for-MadCatz-TE-Joystick.html

Any link to how please?.

Plus links to black side panels?:slight_smile: Or black S ones

The one Nerrage just gave you, http://www.focusattack.com/products/Wood-Sides-Replacement-for-MadCatz-TE-Joystick.html actually has a video on how to disassemble the T.E. and the third party wooden replacement panels, which are the only known replacements on the market. There are also several topics on how to recolor plastic you should look at such as this one here that detail the methods and difficulties of recoloring plastic.

Summarized, paint won’t stick to plastic very well, so your best bet is to recolor the plastic using vinyl dye or just buy the wooden parts that’ll be more receptive to regular paints of whatever color you want.

^Thanks, I be snagging the wooden S ones. Just wanted to ask I want to match it with the black body of the TE Stick. So do I just get black or is there a specific color needed?.

Black Side panels you will probably have to buy from someone else. You can check Trading Outlet for those.

And I agree. You should dye them with vinyl dye to really get the color in on the plastic. Or you could paint the TE wooden sides, they come unfinished, they’d hold paint better.

Oh sorry, I jumped to conflusions a bit, the link with the video is actually: http://www.focusattack.com/products/TE-S-Wooden-Sides-for-MadCatz-TE-Joystick.html it’s at the bottom of the page. (The process for the T.E. S and the regular T.E. should be the same, since the body is the same and they’re advertised to work with either.) I also forgot to mention that you’ll also need a drill to install the wooden replacements.

As for your question, I’m not sure but I think the wood only comes in, well wooden color. This means if you want black, you’ll probably want to sand it down, prime the wood and use black paint. You’ll have just as much work either way but if you decide to go back to white, you’ll have a much easier time of it later, since dying from darker colors to lighter ones is more difficult than the other way around.

Sorry I meant for the spraying the plastic sides, would this vinyl dye do?

Yes, more than likely. The difference of vinyl dye over paint being that it will actually soak into the plastic.

Be sure to give it at least a full day after spraying to let the dye absorb fully.