quick question

so playing ryu when i walk forward and c. mk i do the qcf motion and an uppercut comes out? its incredibly annoying as i do the fireball motion and an uppercut comes out. walking forward btw! thanks for any answers

That’s just a side effect of the lenient input window + lenient SRK motion. I end up having to either delay the P after the QCF motion or do a HCF + P to work around it.

Make sure the stick is at neutral when you’re crouching, some people tend to lean the stick down-forwards and so doing a QCF will give you a DP.

My experience with this is the same. If you actually press a legitimate down to crouch you can avoid this problem. The DP shortcut in SF3 can also cause this execution error to occur.

Nothing worse than meaning to DP and you get a super.