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Hey who’s better at zoning between chun li and poison? Considering a team switch for balrog


>_> you totally did not see the ask a question thread did you?


Poison’s Zoning game is only effective mid range…
Chun li’s I believe actually goes full screen… :lp: ver. at least.

still it’s more of a preference since their Zoning game is similar…

next time use the ask a question thread…


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I don’t like both of them, but I say poison. I heard Poison is hard to use, but maybe she might work out. BTW, say the game next time, people won’t know what your talking about. For you guys that don’t know what he’s talking about, he’s talking about SFxT.


chun is the better zoner. She has better fireballs, better mobility, and an instant full screen super to punish counter fireball attempts. Chun also has better more damaging combos. The only thing poison has going for her > chun is a better AA game to prevent jump ins.