quick question


i decided into purchasing a arcade stick Hori’s Real Arcade Pro 3 SA
but my friend came to my house with a button box… yeah sounds weird no stick just 3 buttons to move on the left side. and the 9 in the other side with the other direction in that side bottom for your thumb.
i was playing with it for few miinutes it was so akward, after i got the hint it felt that its more precise than a arcade stick,also after trying it for few minutes i notice that its super fast i didnt take no time to do hadoukens or hyper it was like moving the stick to the side and preparing to do QCF in my own arcade stick but the whole secuence was done in the button box , also i notice that i was able to quick dash and double triple jump way easier and much more faster because i wasnt really moving my hands, just my fingers.
well my question is that button box better than a fighting stick? or it was just me ( i had the arcade stick for a day and a half , and played it alot , the button box i tried for 2 hours with my friend and felt that its easier to do moves/dash/block
also do you think i should return mines and purcahse one of those button boxes? i paid 200 and my friend said he will take 200 for his box


You’re asking a personal taste question like “which is better chocolate or vanilla ice cream?” I freaking hate hit boxes personally. Objectively I can see somethings being easier on them, but others just being awkward.

If I were you, I’d just learn to use the stick you already have.


but its not the same, as you comparing it with icecream, i see what you are saying to button brand or arcade stick brands, the hit box ( thanks for the name) is different you dont need a stick to play (like a controller is not the same as an arcade stick ), i was playing marvel vs capcom wich was a 75% easier and then king of fighters wich wasnt really easy to play with i started with king of fighters then swap to marvel vs capcom 3, the why of my question is because i can return it if i dont wish to have it with me.
is it legal to use in tournaments ? because to be honest i find it like cheating due you can do moves really fast without moving to much and in less than half the time, time travel of the stick from point blank to left right up or down is way longer than pressing a botton due you already have your finger there and its in the button.
i might consider buying one of them in the future if they are not a good option


As much as I enjoy the idea of the hitbox for “thinking outside the box” (pun not intended), I have to agree with you that they are not my favorite controller. They feel like someone designed a kind of digital sundial - a device that, while neat, misses the point.


that is totally true, it feels like they took something from the arcade, thats why i said it felt like cheating


The reason he brought up ice cream is because every flavor is made for everyone, people decide how they feel about it. We can say whether we like it or not, but if you disagree, you’ll tell us how much you liked it. It seems like you know what you want. That’s good it feels better but don’t let the confidence cause you to cut corners.


i dont like how i play king of fighters with the hit box , but i do like it in street fighter arcade edition and marvel vs capcom, the reason because i said this was because it didnt fel alike playing in an arcade stick the hit box felt totally different such as any combination of hit box/arcade stick/regular controller will not feel the same.
if you or anybody tried the vita controller it feels different than a regular console controller and i love to use the D-pad on it button layout is pretty close and feels good and easy to play with.
either way i think i will keep the arcade stick ,


how would you combine any of those things?

The vita is different, but some people feel those difference will be the downfall of that console. I personally wish they would’ve kept the psp d-pad and buttons. The new ones seem too small to me.


The buttons is true i wish they were bigger but at the same distance for easy use, and the D-pad atleast for me feels wonderful compared to any other D-pad it has a natural grip and it wont hurt my thumb after playing for 2-3 hours in terms of D-pad is the best one yes it could been bigger but as is with what it has right now is the best one


If they’re too small and that’s my complaint, and you agree. Then it can’t be the best. Yes, the screen is very awesome. The games are ok i guess… Either way, it’s really up to you. Yes, they are different. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to go with. If you want to buy the thing go ahead… Oh, but I’m not sure they’re going to let you return a stick you’ve been using.


yes they will allow me to keep it in case of me nto being sadisfy i just need to pay shipping and have the package track and give them the traqcking number , this is only with a week of my purchase, but i will keep it i its kinda weird trying to play flighting games without the stick , maybe later on i will try to “build” one once i learn how to do it.