Quick question

Can I hook up a ps pad to the agetec pcb board and run, on dc or ps2, I tried doing this but when I hook up the ps2 pad to the PS2/dc pcb board, it just spams the direction I connected it too, when I hook up the ground. I must be doing something wrong, help me out…Thanks in advance.

Ok, you are tying to wire the playstation controller to the Agetec board so you can play on a DC, right? I think that is what you are saying. I haven’t ever hacked an agetec, but I’m assuming it would be cheaper and a lot less hassle to buy one of those 5 dollar PS to DC controller adapters. From what I hear, DC controllers are very quirky to hack.

No, im trying to hook up a ps pad too the pcb board, like my stick is wired to the dc agetec pcb board, im trying to leave that wired up and also from that wire up a ps pad to the stick and bottons also, so i just need to plug in either dc or ps2, and the stick will work.

What im getting is, the stick going off by itself when i connect the ground, and the direction.

They dont make dc to ps converters.

Ah, ok.I think I see what you are saying. I think your best bet would be to gut your agetec and put a dual shock 1 H-series pad’s PCB in there and using a converter for the DC. Are you wiring an actual PS2 (dual shock 2) controller? Because I think those buttons are pressure sensitive, and that is why they don’t work. I think that is the effect you get from wiring it that way.

Do you have 2 seperate cables coming off the PCB?

Its all on ps1 pads…well the anniversary pad, but I do have a ps1 pad to work with.

I haven’t seen the insides of the PS SF pads, but the H-series is pretty easy to hack. There is a guide in the pad hacking thread. so long as that works ok, your stick should work like a charm. My PS1 based stick works perfectly with an adapter on my DC.

Yea I was trying to avoid buying the converter, but I guess I’ll have too.