Quick question


What type of Quick Disconnects do I use for a Sanwa JLF joystick ?

I don’t want to buy a 5 pin connector it




The pcb in the JLF can only use the five pin JST connector.

If you don’t want to use it, you can buy a different stick like the JLW, or take out the pcb, and replace it with four standard microswitches, the same type used in Happ’s buttons and sticks. Then you could wire it up with a bunch of .187 disconnects



according to this picture he seems to use Quick Disconnects.

Just want to know what QDs is that


looks like he just soldered and used electrical tape


There are no QD’s attached to the stick in that picture. He may not have used a standard 5-pin connector per se but basically he did use it.


THANKS for the help guys guess I have buy a 5 pin connector now


looks like he just jammed in .110 QD’s and wrapped 'em in electrical tape so they wouldn’t touch. Kinda hackish, but itd work.