quick question

If I banned the rolling cancel glitch, will that hurt attendence for a CvS2 tourney(among other games) I plan to have?


Do people rely to much on this glitch and not true skill to win matches? I will have to ponder this for a while before I decide if I will allow it.

I believe he means that CvS2 without RC is a fucking terrible game.

But good luck with your tournament. If it takes off, we can add it to the ST – no throws tournament and the Marvel – no airdashing tournament.

–Jay Snyder

combos from original sf2 were a glitch. stfu retard.

thanks for the history lesson ass.

Combos weren’t a glitch in the original sf2.

I’m going to go ahead and say it will very likely hurt attendance, although I’m making some assumptions about the tournament since I don’t know any of the details other than it’s a tournament, and it has cvs2 and other games.

HuB is an idiot. Basing this soley off his second post, as the others were fine…although calling someone an ass, whether or not it’s true, isn’t typically available to 2007ers this year…

actually dude i was watchin a video that said yes infact they were glitched u were never suppose to link shoryukens and flash kicks in world warrior people just found that shit out randomly playing it thats y their was no combo meter for WW the same can be said for MK2 the developers never put a combo meter in till they saw kids in the arcades doin rediculous shit with the characters till they said hmmm lets add a combo meter and real button (mapped out) combos like hp hp d.hp

also to answer the question to the thread you will lose alot of interest in cvs2 you talk about RC being gay and no skill. It takes alot of skill and timing to do that shit your just retarded

that last part made absolutely no sense. and my second post was wan’t really intended to bash anyone, just bad wording. as for the ass part i am just really defensive when someone just calls me a retard. and I do realize how much timing and patience is required to perform the RC.

Um, well if you knew the tourney scene you wouldn’t have to ask this question #1, and you did say “Do people rely to much on this glitch and not true skill to win matches” basically insulting a COUPLE of high-level CvS players. Because I’m sure you play with true skill, haha.

I’d think this should have been in the CvS2 thread since you aren’t posting an actual event anything.

Yeah, 2-in-1s were glitches, it’s still so funny that shit was all accidental by the WW programmers.

hey guys, if I took out heavy kicks and med punches in ST, would it hurt my tourney turn out?

oh knock it off. I’m don’t follow the 2D fighter scene, cut me some god damn slack. I just wanted to get an idea on for a fun and competitive friendly 2D fighters tourney. I wasn’t trying to insult any high level players.

Oh and one other thing before the next bash at my intelligence comes in.

Aspergers syndrom.

Anyway feel free to have this locked and

you dont follow the 2d scene yet you intend on attacking plays by saying glitches they use are lame and have no skill… genious

Aspergers has little to do with “intelligence”.

Just keep the RC’s in. The game is a lot more boring without them. There are a lot of new strategies that are opened up with RC’s. RC’s being cheap is like throws being cheap. That ended when people figured out that they required skill and there are ways to counter them.

its a communication & social behavior disorder(form of autism). and people are calling me a retard for making an unintentional insult. so in a way it does to me.

And thank you deviljin. I’ll keep them in. someone please lock thread, delete it. whatever.

Find me the code in sf2ww that is supposed to allow you to block out of hitstun that isn’t working and i’ll retract my statement that combos aren’t glitches.

cr.mk xx hadoken = glitch, wether or not it comboed.
j. rh cr. rh = combo, not a glitch.
Linking ANYTHING = not a glitch. Possably unintended, but not a glitch.

Provided the aformentioned code doesn’t exist.

I’m not calling you a retard for making an insult, i’m calling you a retard for using the words “true skill” in a way that shows you know nothing about what skill is. The way you made the insult was just icing.

I have no other wording that I could think of, so I used a poor choice of wording. God you people are so unforgiving.

im sry i retract my original comment then i mistook Unintended combos as glitches sry :sweat:

Well, if you run CVS2 on xbox, you won’t have to ban RCs since they won’t exist. But I don’t recommend that, since all the serious CVS2 players in the world play with RCs.