Quick Question...

So you can’t grab akuma out of his f.mp, does this include super grabs such as gigas?

I was thinking that characters who are a little command grab heavy (i.e. hugo wakeup 360’s, makoto post-hayate, chun-li when you’re in the corner getting kara tossed 8 times in a row) would it be possibly to counter one of those with a kara-demon assuming you knew they were going to do it? Or do you lose the throw invulnerability when you cancel into the super? Just wondering if this has any practical use.

Only in the arcade version. I’m guessing that’s the Ver A arcade version as well. I would imagine he’s invincible to every type of throw.

I think it can’t go through Chun’s throw or the twins command grab. Super grabs it can beat easily

If you’re playing in the arcade, just throw out a magical f+MP and you win.

If you’re playing PS2… well, just bitch every time you get thrown out of it.