Quick question

I’m interested in trying out 3S and see how I do. What are some websites you guys think I should look at for 3S info/strategy.

look at the character specific forums/threads here.


Good stuff guys lol.

use akuma, all us scrubs use him!

check my faq, you cant go there direct tho.


just goto www.gamefaqs.com, arcade, s, street fighter 3 3rd strike

yep go to that faq that those tosf guys made and this faker of me who is from tosf is directing you to it.
All because tosf didnt like a English guy calling tosf not all that at a sf game.



Yes you guys made those and that email addy ISN’T mine way to go tosf scrubs.

Why can’t us just admit you wrote some scrubby FAQs when you were 17?


before you change it:

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oh, evilone84.tripod.com


Who the fuck are you talking to, you retard? Get over it and quit spamming and shut the fuck up, you immature bitch.

Anyways, HuDaThaN, you should also check out http://www.karathrow.com.

ROTFL why the fuck would I make a MK site - that is something you guys made up totally nothing to do with me. :slight_smile:

Thanx alot, karathrow is pretty comprehensive, I’ve known about it for a while now. I’ve looked up bust karate also, pretty good stuff there too, 3rd Strike is a very nice game.

zen masters in your sig gets THUMBS UP from me.

Too good, couldn’t resist, had to put them up.

reading zen and bushido philosphy = best way to get good at SF real quick. :lol:

Execution still counts too. :slight_smile:

execution comes wiith a calm mind. :smiley:

so thats why people get 10 game win streaks on me… :o