Quick question.

Is it possible to link f.mp with SAI. I think I saw it somewhere done, but I wasn’t sure if the other opponent wasn’t block or something.

If the last hit is what hits them I will (meter allowing) cr.mk then sa1. It has to be very late on the last hit though

While they’re crouching while waking up + Last hit of it only, I think.

standing too, and on resets also.

The question to me is why to go for this instead of UOH. More range? If you employ the low MK as the second poster mentioned, I can see it being useful. Otherwise, why not go for a meaty UOH, close standing HP to sidekick?

that is the only time to use it really

it’s because most of ryu’s moves are easily predictable, i was trying to incorporate MP into more moves then just c.mp SAI,and i get tired of opponents parrying my SAIII because after all it is only 3 hits and my timing for throwing it isn’t perfect.