Quick Question.....



I’m new here…I have a question for my Xbox Live members.

Do some of y’all, or any of y’all ever choose a quick match to play and get kicked from the beginning of the match, only to find out that a Japanese player has either Kicked you or left the room??

I have*** NO PROBLEM*** at all with any race or ethnicity, but everytime this happens, It’s 9 times out of 10, a Japanese person. If there are any Japanese on here, could y’all explain as to why some of y’all do this?


If they’re located in Japan, the lag is most likely pretty bad. Some players (me being one of them) won’t play matches that have very low-quality connections; it also isn’t uncommon for a player to ONLY want to play near-perfect connections.


I have this problem with pretty much anyone in another country (except Canada), like the PP said, it is usually a lag/connection thing.


I Thought about the lag being the possible problem…But the thing is, I play practically anyone no matter the country (I’m in USA) and have no connection issues. But Literally, everytime you select a player and notice they’re from Japan, you’re instantly getting booted. LOL…Or, they’ll leave themselves.


You’re not understanding. They’re kicking you because your connection sucks.


That isn’t making much sense to me…

Why would my connection suck ONLY to the Japanese???

I Rarely have lag, and I play anyone, EVERYWHERE!

Why would my connection suck to ONLY People in Japan?


The further away you are, the laggier it gets. I’ll kick anyone with less than 4 bars.


just letting ppl kno…
in japan the average speed for an internet connection is 15.4 mbp…
in usa, its 5.1 mbp…
so its most likely ppl in usa(us) tats being laggy…
unless u have a really nice comcast or a good isp…