Quick Question

A quick question thread? xD


I have some extra sanwa buttons… that work but the only problem is that they have saudering on the QD ends … are they still usable? or even resellable?



If you think you can do something with them pm me ill let them go for cheap

You can remove the solder pretty easily.

Even without removing it they’re still perfectly usable, but I don’t know that I’d buy used buttons in the first place.

Yep! Pretty much all you’d need to worry about it holding a soldering iron to it to get the left over solder, and the gold tips will have a shiny silver coating now.

lol thanks for info… but I’m probably goin to resell to get green buttons lol

anybody who has the sizes of a TE stick??

A buddy wants to make one for himself…

Thanks in advance… :party: