Quick question

Hey everyone. Picked up Claw as a newbie and just looking through and I had a question.
I’m in class right now so I can’t go home and try but when doing his trials I think I remember that I his ultra could change angles?
Is that right?
I don’t remember and I was wondering if you hold up or down or different kicks or something if you can make the ultra angle more up or down.
Does it do that?

No, you can’t change the angle of his ultra.

Damn, alright, thank you.

That, or anyone elses. Lol, what were you thinking about kid?

Honestly is was just frustration because I remember doing his trials when I FIRST got the game and it was pissing me off when I was just missing him (I don’t remember the exact positioning for obvious reasons) and it finally hit but I thought I did something different to make it angle down a little farther. I just wasn’t sure.
Besides, you can hold Blanka’s and stuff so it wasn’t outside reason to think that you can affect it in some way.