Quick questions about ryu

  1. How come that foo never change clothes?

  2. What’s in his bag?


  1. How does he get paid (i mean… the dude travels like heck but he aint got no job)?

1)Im sure he does but just into a cleaner outfit.
2)I guess that can explain the bag.
3)remember he got paid from honda’s match agaisnt dhalsim. =P

what if he sellin weed in his bag? that explains his income!!! hahaha :rofl:

How old is the topic creator?

  1. He has seven of those Gis
  2. Lots of Gis
  3. He bets on himself in fights

He also works odd jobs…

*1) ‘Cause that’s just the way he’s livin’.
2) Prophylactics. Yeah, that many.


  1. He gets paid for lovin’.*

What do you mean he doesn’t change clothes? He has like 7 different outfits in 3s, and he has different bandanas and belts to go with each gi. patnah is air tight, he probably goes to a random village, beats down some bully and is served for his time there. probably hundreds of little ryus runnin around since i doubt he uses a jimmy hat.

ur av is sick!

Damn here I am thinking this guy seriously wanted to learn how to play Ryu.

Exactily what i was thinking= =