Quick Questions (comparing TTT2)

So sorry if this isn’t the best place to ask this but… I’m a first time poster so please forgive me :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online and arcade (as well as Fight Labs and finished it, after some furious hours) and I am just having the hardest time with the game. I’ve played for quite a few hours now and as much as I try to learn and practice, I just get my ass handed to me online and offline.

I’ve really been keen at trying out SSFIV and I liked playing STIII: Third Strike. So my question is, are the controls better then TTT2 for “beginners”?

Basically, I mean are they more simple and easier to pull of combos then TTT2? I’ve researched quite a bit on the controls for both games, but I’d love to hear from you guys. (in a whole, is SSFIV the better game for beginners?)

Been trying to start my journey into fighting games and I started with TTT2 (well, Fighting Vipers before that) and I just find the combos and juggling hard to pull off. Extra information: I play on the PS3 and the D-Pad seems to hate me in Tekken ha.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: