Quick questions

Hello all I was just wondering if the original xbox version of MvC2 works well on the 360 and is it possible to use stick on it? (I don’t have xbl on my 360 yet)

I’m very interested in learning this game and as I don’t have the money to get it on ps2 and a stick for my ps2 this is the only option I have atm.

Also I was just wondering what terms like DHC and ROM stand for?


MvC2 is straight garbage on Xbox 360. There’s tons of ridiculous slow downs in the game oppose to other consoles. Arcade > Dreamcast > Playstation 2 > Xbox.

Yeah you can run a stick on Xbox 360 you can either buy one or get one custom made for it. I have a custom PSX stick that I use on my PS2 and Xbox 360 (Gotta use the xConverter 360 Plus). The xConverter is really good! Has no button input lag at all, very nice to have when you wanna run a Playstation controller on Xbox.

DHC = Delayed Hyper Combo, do a hyper combo with anyone and cancel that combo with another hyper combo from your next character.

ROM, not to sure what ROM actually means but it’s pretty much another way of saying Magneto’s infinite.

Ah ok, I’ll avoid it then thanks alot :).

I think the game is only available online on XBL and PSN. I heard on PSN you can rage quit and it won’t effect your record but doing it on XBL it will, referring to ranked matches only.

Yeah I’ll be getting it some where down the line on 360 but that fact I don’t have live yet and I use my gfs 360 to play online, I don’t want to have to buy the 360 version twice so I thought of looking into buying og xbox version so I could get some practice. Guess I’l just keep using the Naomi emu :stuck_out_tongue: