Quick ? Regarding using a TE on a PC

I’ve been thinking about downloading GGPO and Third Strike but the only thing stopping me is not knowing if I can use my stick with it.

It’s an XBOX360 Madcatz TE with USB. I assume that it having a USB as well as being made for Microsoft systems will let it but a concrete answer would be GREATLY appreciated.

should work fine

Thank you! Let’s see how this goes…

Yes, 360 TEs work fabulously on PCs

Any controller with USB will work on a PC, regardless of PS3/xbox360. Did you even try plugging it in yet?


disregard that, my bad

The PS3 TE stick (and SE?) don’t work with some PCs depending on the chipset.

This is completely wrong

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Thanks for the answers! Unfortunately GGPO still haven’t accepted my registration so can’t play yet :frowning:

I needs my Q

Hey guys, so I got everything up and running except for my stick. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work. Any advice?

Xpadder or joy2key

Much appreciated

I got joy2key and have the face buttons set up but I can’t seem to figure out how to get my actual stick to work.

Set it t left stick.