Quick Rise and Back Rise Issues?


I seem to be missing my quick rise and back rise input half the time. I try LP + LK for quick rise and MP + MK for back rise, but like I said, I can’t get them half the time. I’ve never had this issue in SFIV. Did they change the timing? What am I doing wrong?


I thought it’s 2 kick buttons or 2 punch buttons, not 1 punch and 1 kick button.


Oh, really? That explains it then! Thanks a bunch.


To quick rise with dpad/joystick its press down for neutral rise or press back for backwards rise.

You can also do it with buttons. Press 2 punches to neutral rise or 2 kicks to backwards rise.

There you have it.


I’ve been having a hard time even knowing the right buttons. Finally figured it out. If you’re playing on a laggy TV you need to input this BEFORE your character hits the ground. I found the timing window was much larger than I expected after I finally started testing it. One of these days I’ll get good equipment.


I hated directional quickrise in IV and I hate it now. It was easy to accidentally get it before I played a charge character, now I’m playing Chun and with the obscene charge times in V, I sometimes accidentally tech a certain way trying to buffer a charge.


I always mash it and it’s fine. There’s no real reason not to. Not like you’ll screw up and do something else when you’re landing on your ass


If you’re on a stick, just double tapping all three punch or kick buttons as you’re landing seems to work really well. I rarely miss using this method.


You say this but mashing once accidentally filed my tax return and now the irs are up in my shit :confused: