Quick rundown of Marvel live action TV shows & cartoons


Man who’d thought a Comic convention would have VIDEO GAMES take centre headlines, lol.
OK, so reading up on IGN, here’s a quick rundown of what Marvel has in store for the future, be forwarned that they may/will contain spoilers-
1- Ultimate Spiderman & Avengers Season 2:

Woah this looks to be Marvel’s ver. of Brave and the Bold, only more on the serious side. The link also has a surprise guest character!
I once again warn about spoilers since they describe what happens in the first episode or 2 of Season 2 of Avengers.

2- A new Hulk animated series that has Paul Dini working on it, it seems-

Hopefully Loeb won’t have much or any input on it, but so long as they got good writing in it, I’m game.
Oh and I hate A-Bomb =V

3- Marvel is planning 3 live action TV shows: Hulk, Mockingbird and Cloak and Dagger-

They’re in the planning stages so not much is said about these 3 shows. I just hope they end up being good…


Thats really awesome and all but, I’m still holding major salt with the cancellation of The Spectacular Spider-man Season 3. I just…don’t get how they can reboot it…AGAIN…that’s just me though. It’s gonna be really hard for them to top that show for me. I am hype about Avengers season 2, season 1 ended on a great note can’t wait for the show. Not so sure about a live action TV show though…lol


Yeah I’m still salty about Spectacular myseelf, so much unanswered. CLoak & Dagger live action could be buff.