quick sagat

good, except i dont like the veins

Hey good piece. Though he needs a bigger cranium. A wrist. Skin fold between the neck and chin cause it’s not going to look lke that. Fingers more Dramatic. Shoulder too big, but maybe you wanted that. Tangent line at the bicep and chess area which I pointed out. Bigger chin and mouth closer to the nose area. Nose may be too big also. Clean up them lines soul brother number 1. Overall good stuff.

at first i was drawing a big wrestler guy. then i realized he looked alot like sagat. so i didnt want it to look like i was jacking him, so i threw an eyepatch on him real quick and called him sagat:)

i love the way you draw ears it reminds me of my 2 yr old sister.

i like it alot… great job.

fast and the furious