Quick Spidey sketch


I did this quicky in my photoshop class on dabbler


I did this quicky in my photoshop class on dabbler

Yes, because the name the thread wasn’t enough to describe just how quickly you did this. I was sitting beside you while you were doing this, so I don’t think commenting again would have much of a point. I still think it’s a pretty goo drawing considering just how little time you put into it.


I meant to say good, not goo… is soooo goo Deon


spidey coloured

throwed some colour on it. Photoshop, 20 min or so.


“throwed some colour on it.” Guess I should just be glad you didn’t say “throwed some colourisms on it.”



lol…wtf is he talkin about??


Sorry, in Deon’s class. He thinks by adding “ism” to the end of a word it makes a new word.


Deon, I like that you’re moving towards a different style of drawing… ok pic overall. I have some other comments, but I won’t post them unless you want me too - this is a quick sketch after all.

Colour job could use more shadows… currently it’s a bit hard to read.

keep drawing


Its Straight. I like the style u workin with as well, but the colored pic looks a little smudgey to me.If your planning on revising this pic which ur probably not, u should use rooks advice.gj overall