Quick Standing question

I’m trying to make the transition from average player [above scrub but below good] to good.

One thing I’m trying to master is quick standing which is something I rarely use but realize I should… I’ve set Ryu in parry training to just keep sweeping me in order to get it down. When do I press it though? It seems if I keep tapping down it works but is a real pain. Do I do it right when I land? When I am in midair? Or right before I’m landing? I can’t seem to get it on a one tap basis.

Also - are there any times when quick stand shouldn’t or can’t be used.

I know if an Aegis is already out, yun is activated in GJ, yang is activated in SE, and Oro in TS are places when quick standing might not be the smartest idea. Any other times?

its when you hit the ground… I however just keep tapping it when Im falling down…

You cant use it after youve been supered and after Oro’s command throw if Im not mistaken?

And dont quickstand when youre in the corner, some chars can cross you up then…

QS has some vulnerable frames to it, probably at the part of the animation when he gets up, but I’m too lazy to check. Yeah, I’ve only seen someone get punished for QS’ing in the corner once (Dudley dashed through Ryu and did some UOH combo on his poor ass), in an old JPN tourney match vid.

Tap down just when you hit the ground.

Quick standing isn’t punishable.

You might want to avoid quickstanding when Yun is in SA3, Urien does SA3, and situations like that.

You cannot quickstand after getting hit by supers. I don’t know about other specific special moves that prevents you from quickstanding.

Quickstanding raises a little meter :smiley:

Completely untrue. He probably only got hit because he was blocking the other way from the ground crossup. Quickstand does not make you vulnerable to anything but being the victim of a ground crossup in the corner.

I don’t think Ibuki’s Raida is QS-able.

Remember you can get ground crossup-ed when you tech roll mid-screen too sometimes, so try to learn the specifics.

U cant QS after being hit by Q’s command throw. If however Q follows up the command throw with any hit (not super) u can quick stand.

I think i read this somewhere in srk, but never tested it.

the audio cue I use to quick stand is when the character makes a “thud” sound when they hit the ground.

3 moves you can’t quickstand from:

Q’s Capture & Deadly Blow (without follow up)
Necro’s command grab (the one where he grabs your foot)
Ibuki’s Raida

dunno why you can’t roll after those. weird. and yeah, i think Oro’s slam thing too. i keep trying, but doesn’t :p.

So basically you can’t quick stand after command throws and supers?

not exactly.

you can quickstand after Alex’s Powerbomb and Hugo’s 360 thing. they’re 2 of the easier moves to roll out of 'cuz of the time it takes the move to finish.

sounds to me more like you can’t quick stand out of command grabs but can QS out of command throws.

i think of them as one and the same. either way, you’re getting grabbed. you’re just either flung, gut punched, blasted or slammed.

a command grab you can block such as Oro’s humanpiledriver and Ibuki’s Raida. A command throw like Hugo’s 360 can’t be blocked.


so C&DB is a command throw and not a grab? 'cuz that’s not blockable, but you can’t quickstand out of it. Necro’s foot grab thing is blockable, and you also can’t quickstand out of that. don’t really care what they’re called.

you get my drift anyways, yeah? certain things that grab you you can’t roll and some you can. point is your opponent is putting their hands on whatever character you’re using and tossing them or pounding them.

what’s in a name? they’re just words :lol:.

I hate Makoto’s throw. I can never quickstand against her throw!


yeah you have to be hitting down right when your char touches the ground, like most things in 3s at first it seems a little early, I think alot of ppl figure it would be later. Just learn and remember the timing, it’s the same for everyone. Once you start doing it it just becomes a part of your play.
I always tech roll unless I fall in the corner, even if I was hit by an untechrollable move becuase :

  1. it keeps me in the habit of tech rolling and
  2. who cares if you can’t tech roll and you press down anyway.
    I input tech roll even when I fall down dead.

exactly what button(s) do you press to quick stand?

The down parry button.

Followed by a Raging Demon.