Quick Standing question

How does the Urien AR thing stop quickstand? Is it because inputs aren’t valid during super-freeze, and that’s when you hit the ground?

Another kinda related question…

I know you can dash through Makoto during her normal get-up… is this with everyone? Is there anyone else you can do this on?

if you get hit by a super you cant quickstand, and aftert some command grabs, like Oro’s

and the dashing through is just char specific, its different for all chars.

Umm… that’s not what I was trying to say. Hrm…

Ok, have you ever seen a Urien whip out an AR after headbutt, just as the opponent lands on the ground? The idea being that the super freeze somehow makes it really hard for them to quickstand? (and if they don’t you get unblockable, blah blah)

I’m just curious if this is a solid technique… meaning, with theoretically perfect timing, is it possible to ALWAYS stop them from quickstanding? Or, vice versa, is it ALWAYS possible to quickstand during AR startup?

Basically, is the AR in fact stopping the opponent’s ability to quickstand, or is it just makeing it really difficult (but still possible).

Drunken Master, I have similiar setups with Oro. Using the superfreeze to mess up the opponent’s timing seems to work fine, though in theory you can always quickstand.

To quickstand Makoto’s throw, just press down right when she punches you. It just feels like it’s earlier than it’s supposed to be.

when you hit by an EX hqc+k of RYU or EX Charge whit Punch of Q, is posible QS? i don’t remember (maybe 'couse we alwas hit our oponent after that moves jijijij =)

Yep, you can quickstand after an EX dash punch even if there’s no follow-up attack.

You can also quickstand if you get hit by a super that lets the opponent hit you with another (non-super) attack after it. For example, if you’re hit by Q’s SAII and hit the ground, you can’t quickstand. But if you get hit by SAII and a follow-up dash punch or standing fierce, you can quickstand.

Does anyone know the specifics on dashing ground crossups (mid-screen AND corner) for each character?

why? someone please enlighten my scrubby ass on why the above are not goog times to QS. i tend to think that i should QS on (loose) Aegis setups,to try and parry the push to aegis. me = noob
thnx =)

Oro SA3: More time to tick down on his bar (it’s a timer when activated); less chance of damage taken.
Urien SA3: It’s conditional. I can’t really explain when to QS, but doing so may allow Urien to do an unblockable set-up.
Yun SA3: More time on the ground = less time for Yun to attack/mix-up/start a juggle = less damage taken
Yang SA3: Same as above, but change “start a juggle” to “repeat unblockable”

Pretty much any SA that starts a timer is a good time to NOT quickstand. Notable exceptions (imo) include:

Oro SA1
Makoto SA3

The reasons for Oro and Mak is that you don’t want to wake-up into a mix-up situation that can lead to big damage. These are general suggestions though. It totally depends on the conditions of the match, as well as whether or not your character can be ground crossed up.

dunno if it’s been mentioned, but since quickstanding is the topic being discussed here, i’ll just list the moves that do not allow you to quickstand.

  1. Oro’s command grab
  2. Ibuki’s Raida (hcb + P)
  3. Q’s Capture & Deadly Blow (w/out follow up)
  4. Necro’s leg grab thing
  5. any Super Art by itself (if there’s a juggle after, then you can quickstand)


Mopreme made a really nice video of it, I think combovideo.com has it.

and some EX!! =)