Quick State College Results



  1. James Austin “amasomething” (CT) I-no and someone i forget
  2. Josh “Cuervo” (SC) Ky/Testament
  3. Josh “Aminorthreat” some ppl i forget
  4. Tony (CT) Sol
  5. Sunni Siu (SC)
  6. Roger (philly)
  7. greg (Orochi-greg)
  8. andy (ssbomberman)
  9. Rich (FMJaguar)
  10. Jarvi (QuakeII_Best)
  11. Kyle (?)
  12. Dennis (kewlbub)
  13. sean (gbursine, who to his credit had tough luck =P)


  1. Tony (CT) MSP
  2. Chase (Malignantmouse) MSP/some top tier team
  3. Josh “AMinorthreat”
  4. Jarvi (QuakeII_Best)
  5. Rich FMJaguar
  6. Sean Gbursine
  7. andy (ssbomberman)


  1. James or tony
  2. the other person
  3. kcxj
  4. Josh AMinorthreat
  5. Rich FMJaguar
  6. Dennis Kewlbub
  7. Jason JMS
  8. Jarvi QuakeII_Best
  9. greg Orochi_greg
  10. Chase Malignantmouse


  1. Rich FMJaguar
  2. Dennis Kewbub
  3. Tony
  4. Jason JMS
  5. Josh Aminorthreat
  6. James Austin
  7. kcxj
  8. savonne
  9. greg
  10. jer

Firstly about the scheduling, I think i might have given the impression that i actually planned this event ahead of time, that was not the case, everything happened in a span of a day, which was somewhere between tuesday and wednesday. It’s unfortunate that people could not attend, but there was nothing more we could do short of telling people not to come, that were already coming before an event was even planned. This is just a start anyway and i’m glad we could do it.

Thanks to everyone that did make it, and hopefully the new people are lurking somewhere reading this too.

I think thats all, everything was dope, next time will be doper, thanks everyone bye.


Wow, nice job winning 3S.

This was fun, I’ll definitely be at the next one. Maybe I’ll even practice some GGXX and 3S, since I seem a little less far behind there than in other games.

Let me know further in advance about the next one and I’ll get some of our players out. I can’t believe none of them showed. Sooo weak.

Ikaruga is awesome. :slight_smile:


boo hoo I wish I coulda stayed for the games I know how to play :smiley:

I had a really really fun time at state college…people up there really really REALLY know how to party and get fukked up!! Special thanks to the 2 really really drunk girls for showing me their really really drunk (and big) boobs!!

I was too hung over to realize that I would only have to stay for GGXX tourney; which was probably obvious that I can’t play at all. Thanks for keeping me occupied while my bitches and hoe’s were attending classes :smiley:

peace to everyone I met…:smiley:


I liked this tourney… despite its short notice… we need to organize a better way for outsiders to come so we can get more apex points:evil:

in four weeks… I think… we’ll have our second teatime tourney… only, we’ll have more tea. and I won’t suck as much… maybe.

oo and godbless the ct crew for kicking my ass… it felt good on the inside, and I think i learndeded… stuff

another thing… orochi greg is a bitch… I’m take the next sign I see you make and shove it up your ass next time

goddamn i didn’t know we were playin an azn pimp…


really awesome tourney…sorry I did so bad in GGXX for state college (congrats to Josh who rreally did good for state college) and sorry about leaving in the middle of the cvs2 and 3s tourney…my gf was really bored so I had to leave with her…we had a pretty good turnout despite the short notice and not advertising our tourney on shoryuken’s “announce an event” forum…looking forward to the next one…and Im taking the next GGXX tourney :evil:

thanks to the CT crew, khang, and roger for showing up to give us some intense outside competition…like I said before we need some serious cvs2 practice to keep up with u guys…

finally sorry about not being able to help out running the tourney…with my gf living with me Im really not that “free” to do other stuff…


7 hours later of bumpy driving and 5 krispy kreme doughnuts later i feel sick. Thanks for the time, next time you guys will see a way better faust :P. Guys got mad potential and keep it up, also penn state partys rule! I wanna live in Jarvi’s apartment so dope!


his apt is really cool…did u see the furnitures that they got…they are really nice…u guys shouldve stole some of them before u left his apt last night…:lol:


SC = learn how to d.lk, d.lk xx super and tap that shit


C’mon, you gotta admit those were pretty clever insults. “I’m low-tier.” “I don’t block sweeps.” “I can’t do a fireball consistently.” Plus you never noticed them going on.

In other words, you would have laughed if they were on someone else’s back.


Whats up everyone I just wanted to thank FMJaguar for putting on this tournament! I was looking for people to play games with and found some that are mad good players! Just in case no one remembers me I was the black kid with the black hat who came with orochi greg. I met new people and had a great time. I’m definitely going to try to find/build/buy a joystick so i can practice because i am 100% sure that im going to the next state college tournament. It was so much fuckin fun. Big thanks to Orochi Greg for telling me about it!

P.S. - Hey FMJaguar I you spelled my name wrong its Savonne not savant :slight_smile: Its cool though


You play all those games AND tennis2k2?? oh shhhhh:eek:

If you’re fireal, come to playland early Friday night http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1054758#post1054758


FMJ is white. That’s why he has problems with black names.


yo alphastorm. where you been? here are the links you wanted. no need to worry about it or wear your hat all the time anymore.

Here you go
And don’t forget this

EDIT: sorry fmj, I didn’t forget about you. it keeps the bidder ID private like you wanted.

Your stuff


I am around. I even played ggxx with jarvi on tuesday. Sol vs Sol was fun. Thanks jarvi. And he taught me alot.

Seems like people in State College hate Sol. But Sol isn’t even top tier. From what I heard it’s zappa. So don’t hate sol. Hate the player :lol:


Zappa is low tier, in fact i think the only round i won in that tourney was vs zappa lol. Top tier is like slayer/millia/eddie/faust or something.

What makes the most sense to me is something that sirlin said over irc that i stole and rephrased, that sol is like cable in marvel, at the highest level he’s barely top tier, but his game is designed so that he can own you for free if you don’t have top tier execution (while the sol may not).