Quick SVGL 12/13 results


1st: Ricky “I Never Ever Block Low” Ortiz - K CBS, Some Weak Ass C Groove Team
2nd: Campbell “I Like To Super Jump Roundhouse At The Worst Possible Moments” Tran - A Hibiki/Maki/Sakura, N Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki
3rd: Kim Hahn “I Hella Don’t Roll Super Too Much” Hoang - C Sagat/Rolento/Blanka


1st: Ricky - MSP, Storm/Sent/CapCom
2nd: Alex “Random Ass Kid” IDunnoHisLastName - Storm/Sent/Cyke, MSS
3rd: Anthony “Steven Take Me To The Backbeat” Leon - Sent/Storm/CapCom

Uhh, to all the dudes that msged me asking me when the tourney was, sorry I was sleepin in. You guys should just check SRK anyway.

Damn… need to check the tournament pages more. Missed this one again.

Was the whole thing two days long?

Anyway, props to those that placed. :slight_smile:

did you get any videos? A-hibiki/maki/r2 sakura is an interesting team buk, good shit.

haha, i actually got your messages, but by the time you im’ed me back i already went out with my friends…

maybe tuesday i’ll show up

good shit alex and anthony. keep it up.


EDIT: His last name is Ramirez. Damn I was way off.

Alex owns… good job man!

how many kids entered each tourney?


SKinny AZZ lil jewish dude who looks like he’s 30 and sucks dick at marvel = SA.M =:lame: = Needs to actually get good at a game b4 talkin shiet:lol: :lol: :lol:


sorry for the ghetto ass slang, i mean about how many people entered each tourney.

Alex posting:

close games good games and crazy ass games!!!

hey SA.M stop calling me that stupid old name it’s not even ur word u got it from someone else that i know and stop talking shit about saying that u r loco at tekken

stop calling me that bullshit and quit being a fag

Musker: thanx for posting that foo

see wut u guys did

now u got the chunksta all excited and mad

its not pretty when chunk is mad

so yea

watch out cuz the chunksta just might surprise you

lol, wat a beast

Truedat truedat truedat.

Steven IS a beast! his sent is really good. Keep it up guys, I’ll try to make it to norcal regionals in feb. =]


lol, So true. Ather the tourney, you know what hapend. XD

Start going back on AIM, foo.

I think there was 6 people for marvel, and 12 for CvS2.

6 people? Damn… haha. Wish I went, still. So the next one is about two weeks away?

The next one is this Sat. gogogo. Bring you’re fro, too. =]

OK you’re obviously talking about the wrong person, since you dont even know me (I’m glad you dont). Jewish nice one, you could have atleast called me Mexican. And if you are who I think you are, you shouldnt even be talking because you suck. Dont be mad cause I beat you, and everyone there talks shit to you and your forced to bring your friend with you to protect you :lol: :lol:.

But if you are not who I think you are then introduce yourself sir.

Hey Alex, Adam says “Hi TITIFUCK”, and yes im still Loco at Tekken.

EDIT: DAMN IT. I just realized that my reply is a little too late. Eh I dont even check these threads…oh well.

I heard the reason why they call Alex “TITIFUCK” is because Alex The ChunkSTIZA own’d SA.M at every game he touch’d. So he came up with some stupid name just to piss chunksta off. =\

I think SA.M and Chunksta should play for money on MvC2.

Wasabi, go to SVGL more foo. You don’t even have to join, you’re mad cool to hang around with during tourney. =]