Quick SVGL 5/23 results


Posting here since results most likely won’t go into APEX. Decent turnout considering there’s like 500 other tourneys going on today.

CvS2 - 16 people

  1. Campbell “YummyPop” Tran (N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki2)
  2. Jason “xrolento” Nelson (C-Sagat/Eagle2/Balrog)
  3. Kim-Hahn “ohayo1234” Hoang (C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka2)

Highlights… I came back with 1% Hibiki vs 50% Sagat in the 2nd game of the finals with the most ghettoest mix-ups ever to win it 2-0. Gunter almost beats Kim, Kim’s matches vs Nelson were close. Dan Chang requests to get seeded. I give him the 4th seed and he goes two and out. Woo! Albert Wu disappears, so I got kinda mixed-up and accidentally eliminated Steve Yoo and he only lost once. Daniel got a free bye from that, and Steve gets refunded his entry fee. Pat beat Crowbait with a crazy cross-up Blanka lv3 after a throw that doesn’t cross up. Tricky!


  1. Kim-Hahn “ohayo1234” Hoang (Storm/Strider/Doom)
  2. Steven “Cableguy86” Gonzales (Sent/Cable/Commando)
  3. Steve “ise” Yoo (Storm/Sent/Commando)

Highlights… didn’t watch much of the tourney but Kim wins on being crazy random and people picking counter characters to Strider/Doom that they don’t know how to use (ise tried picking Cammy, Steven tried Cyclops). Final score was 3-1, 3-1. Kim mashes so CRAZY that his right hand was hella bleeding afterwards. Top-players.

GGXX - 9 people

  1. Steve “ise” Yoo (Eddie)
  2. Andry. Dunno full name/nick. (Faust)
  3. Ed “ej333” Sheem (I think? Anji)

Marvel vs Xmen

1st Oliver “Tricky T” Tavas

Highlights… hell if I know. I went 2 and out and didn’t watch any matches of the tourney.

ST was still going on when I left. I forfeited.

3S was a no go cuz only 3 people signed up.

If anybody can elaborate on anything above, feel free. Kim doesn’t have my password for srk btw. BIIIIIIIIITCHHHH


3rd place for GGXX: Dan Chang (faust)


the little cabinet sucks ass, no wonder it’s cheaper.

oh yeah, incidentally, some of kim’s blood got on stevie’s hand when they shook hands after the game. maybe whatever kim’s got to push his game so hard is contagious. expect stevie to go on a RAMPAGE next time.

or maybe he’ll get SARS.


Yay, Eagle-2!


here’s the results for the ggxx turney, i forgot that i had the brackets:

  1. steve ‘ise’ yoo
  2. andry ‘magus1234’
  3. dan chang ‘superdan’
  4. pat ‘patthegr8’
  5. ed sheem ‘ej333’, joe ‘galzpanic’
  6. campbell tran ‘buktooth’, crowbait
  7. JTB

highlights: dan’s constant complaining about faust vs faust. that’s about it, really.


Sorry about the GGXX results. It was a total guess. =P


GGXX was pretty fun to watch. Who was Pat playing as, I’ve been talking to him on #GGXX and wanted to see him. Anyway, congrats to Magus and Ed. (And Steve, but I don’t know you. =) Anyone know when the next one is so I can plan in advance and not be on the sidelines? Why’d everyone stop playing afte the tourney, like, three people besides me stayed for exhibition. =( I was the guy in red and khaki’s using Testament, btw. Oh, Pat, if you read this, this is STenSatsu from #GGXX.


it was my friends birthday so i had to hit the cuts hella quick,that shit wqas hella fun,damn on the last match the blow that killed me in a loop gave me a burst,and i must have missed like 5 whiffed shoryuken cause of the floating factor:(
gg’s though


ST Results
1st Jason Nelson (Xrolento)

2nd Jeff ?

3rd Jarrod McDermott


I used Chipp in tournament play and Johnny in casual. I was the guy who IKed you in casual. Bwahahahahah.


ROFL! That was too good Pat. Fuckin busted up. Good Johnny though. A little predictable, but good execution. Hope to see ya at the next tourney. And bring Namid and the rest of the Berkely guys. =) I want to face a good I-no again.