Quick systems analysis: button priority


When you press more than one button at a time in CvS2, the game will streamline your input into a single button press in most instances. For example, pressing jab+strong+fierce will result in just a fierce. Now, for the longest time I had been under the impression that higher strength buttons had priority over lower strength buttons, and after that kicks had priority over punches. Some more examples: pressing short+strong will result in strong, pressing fierce+roundhouse will result in roundhouse, and pressing all 6 buttons will result in roundhouse also.

I was under the impression that these same rules applied to special moves also, like a hcf+jab+short would always result in a hcf+short. Well, I was wrong.

When it comes to special moves and supers, CvS2 seems to go by some sort of arbitrary rule on whether a punch or a kick comes out. According to my previous logic, a qcf+jab+short would always result in a qcf+short. You actually get a qcf+jab. Now comes the weird part: do a qcb+jab+short, and you get a qcb+short. What the hell?

Anyway, after some quick testing, here’s a list of moves and whether you’ll get a punch or kick move if you overlap the buttons:

qcf: punch
qcb: kick
dp: punch
rdp: cannot be tested, since no character has an rdp move with both punch and kick
charge b,f: punch
charge d,u: punch
360: kick
PPP/KKK: punch
hcf: punch
hcb: punch (note that this is different from qcb)

qcfx2: kick
qcbx2: punch (?!)
charge b, f,b,f: punch
hcbx2: punch

So what does all this mean to you, the aspiring player? Most people agree that the easiest way to roll cancel jab/short moves is to double tap roll while doing the motion. This little chart here tells you what you can and cannot roll cancel by doing the double tap method. For example, if you want to do RC jab Blanka balls, that’s doable. RC short scissor kicks? Good luck (unless you’re Japanese and know some kinda trick I don’t). You cannot RC Gief’s jab SPD for extra range (again, not using the double tap method). Rock’s jab elbow? Nope. And you can figure out the rest yourself. Of course, you can sometimes get the “other” special move to be RCed with the double tap method, but I find it’s more of a random occurence than not.

Also, remember that you RC any move with the double tap method as long as the character doesn’t have another conflicting input in the way. For example, Ken’s short funky kick can be RCed using the double tap method since he doesn’t have a hcf+p move to get in the way.

The chart for supers is mostly useless, but I just added/tested it for the sake of completeness.


For rdp, why don’t you test it with Kyo? Punch will give you the DP, and kick will give you the air kicks.


RDP = reverse dragon punch, not Right Dragon Punch.

RDP + Kick = RED kick.


Ken QCB+LP+LK = command roll
Akuma QCB+LP+LK = hurricane kick


Button priority follows the xvsf magic chain. lp, lk, mp, mk, hp, hk.

hcf + roll with ken: funky kick???

blanka, all 6 buttons: jungle hop???


Like Majestros said, there isn’t a solid rule when it comes to overlapped commands as to which move or button will get the priority. One example is the one Majestros gave out just 2 posts above. It’s been discussed and explained before, but none the less, I like these technical stuff.

The priority of overlapped moves depends on the character you are using.

Also, it’s not that hard to RC short scissor kick with Bison if you ask me. All you gotta do is use the good old negative edge (I know you know). I personally use and abuse RC short scissor kicks with Bison A LOT as one of the 1000000000 people who uses A-Are. Just press roll as if you would do a regular charge move RC, and then let go of short at the same time you reach forward direction(or the same time you would’ve normally pressed the other button for regular RC). Trust me, Sawada isn’t the only person on earth who can do this.

I would think that you would be able to RC jab spd with gief also, using negative edge. I would say there might be like a pixel or 2 of range increase as well.



Thanks for the input. Heh, figures that the three characters I tested qcb moves with were Rock, Akuma and Vice.

Since I’m bored, here’s the exceptions to my rule that I could find:

qcf: run with maki
qcb: roll with ken, burn knuckle with terry

And those were the only exceptions that I found. To be honest, there aren’t that many instances of characters with overlapping moves, but there’s a good number of qcf/qcb overlaps, and they all follow the chart for the most part.

laugh: cool. I can kinda sorta do it also, but I’m not too great at controlling negative edge so it’s not a consistent thing for me. 50% at best. Oh and for the record, Sawada isn’t the only guy in Japan that does RC short scissors. :bluu:


I thought it was screwy with Maki. It’s really hard to roll cancel her qcf moves with the risk that you’re going to get a non-invincible command run instead of an invincible through punch.

I just quickly tap roll and let negative edge activate her qcf+k command run. I’m getting it down somewhat, but RCing qcf+p is another beast altogether…


what about iori… hcb +roll would that come out as rekka or that run grab move?

there are plenty of moves that overlap… just gotta find em :wink:


Actually, no. Iori’s rekkas are qcb, while the running grab is a hcb. If you do hcb+jab+short, the game will interpret it as a hcb move instead of a qcb move. Different move inputs have priority over others too. Rough tiering off the top of my head, but:

supers > charge moves > 360s > dps > hcfs > qcfs


That’s interesting…so doing a hcb +lp+lk = running move, but hcb + lp = rekka.

I heard that you can do 720 (by rotating away from the opponent) and push k to do Zangief’s superman super.

Actually, all of this is pretty irrelevant, sorry. Just though it was interesting.


why do i always get rc fireball by Ken then when i try to RC funky kick by doubletapping both??? now im really confused =/ could just be me though


A 360 motion is actually a 270 and you can do it any way you want. Mine are ALWAYS from right to up. Same with the 720.

Also, tiger knee motion override half-circle as long as both inputs are present. So from b to uf with cammy gives spiral arrow for kick, that flying move for punch, and the flying move again for p+k.


qcf and hcf both give priority to punch.

I still dunno why people double tap. Negative edge is seriously MUCH easier if you’re brave enough to spend some time in training perfecting it.

Man…I’m terrible at this game. :frowning:


This post is a little off topic but it still touches on a similar topic…which move has higher priority.

With Sagat, I’m sure you all have tried to do his QCB,QCB+K super and gotten a Tiger Knee to come out. I was experiencing this about 50% of the time when I would do the super motion EXTREMELY fast. I didn’t know what was going on so I turned on the button/direction display in training mode to see what motions I was inputting before I pressed kick. Sure enough, the motion I was inputting was QCB, QCB+K yet the Tiger Knee(F,D,DF) came out instead. I never even input any "forward"motions. I dunno, I guess the Tiger Knee has greater priority to come out than the super. Maybe someone can shed some light on this?


It’s because you did hcb x2 due to the heat of the moment and not a precise qcb x2. Everyone does it… it’s hard not to over do the motions of supers and what not when you have to do it on demand at a crucial moment. So what happened is…You did a hcb x2 kick but not a complete one. You got your F and D fron the first hcb, and you pressed your kick a little too early (before you completed your second hcb, because the super would’ve come out if you did) and you have your DF from the second hcb (or almost a hcb). Even if you did hcb x2 kick, the super would’ve come out, but because you pressed the button before the motions finished, the super didn’t come out.



Most motions don’t need to be precise.

dp can be performed as: f, df, d, df, f + punch. Even though there are extra inputs in the middle and the end, it will work.
that’s right, even fireballs and dp hold a ‘charge’. Really it’s just a little slack to give you time to hit punch.

One command I really don’t understand is kim’s qcb, db, f + kick super. I can do it as db + lk, db + lk, b + lk, db, d, df, f + negative edge kick. It makes no sense, but that’s the only way I can get it to work. I’m sure y’all have seen some cvs2 matches where a raged kim will do that, short short short super. It’s not that I have all these needless inputs that bothers me, but rather where’s the qcb? There is none when I do it.

This game is a little too forgiving.

p.s. what’s up with sumersault justice and earth shout? I don’t know anyone that does it the real way.

edit: I was doing that kim super with key display on. I did db + lk x 2, b + lk, ub, b, db, d, df + k and it worked just great. Since I had a limb out when I hit ub, he stayed anchored to the ground. woot woot, no qcb, or forward!!!


I said I turned on the motion/button presses in training mode so that I could see what I was inputting. I don’t know if you know that the home version of CvS2 has this feature or not. The game shows that I was pressing D, DB, B, D, DB, B+K and yet I still get a Tiger Knee. I do the motion precisely, it doesn’t show any other overlapping motions like D, DB, B, F, D, DB, B+K. There’s something else going on here that has to do with “priority” and the Tiger Knee is taking over.


Put the game speed to 1 and I guarantee you’ll get a super.
When you do a sonic boom, you charge back, go to forward and then press punch. Even in the old days, you could charge, then hold forward for a good quarter second before pressing punch and it would work.
Likewise, ALL special moves have a sort of charge. You press the button once the motion is completed, and not on the last directional input, hence why all moves need the ‘charge’ property.

You’re problem is that you’re going too slow, so the qcb ‘charge’ is lost, but the individual inputs are still there. So even though you input d, db, b, d, db, b, the system reads only b, d, db, b. The first d and db inputs are still there and can be used, as long as it’s with a move that tolerates such a long charge before pressing a button. In your case, the only move that fits that bill is the tiger knee, or dp. You might be too slow to do qcbx2, when doing exact motions, but your b, d, db, b is fast enough for a dp.

Just go faster, do half circles if you have to. Do a 720 if you have to. When doing yamazaki’s hcb x 2, I jump in and tick most of the time, so I’m airborne. Since I can’t jump, I just do 720 but end it at back instead of up.

cvs2 is really good at ignoring useless inputs.



I’m going to shutup now cause no one seems to read posts, they just reply.

Let’s get back to that button press priority stuff…