Quick T4 results

Capcom vs SNK2
1st - Ratio1BeatDown (TO)
2nd - Prez (MTL/Empire Arcadia)
3rd - Jonstar (TO)

1st - Josh Wong (Philly)

1st - NechNeb (TO)
2nd - Anneurysm X (TO)
3rd - Tony Dao (TO)

are there any pics up yet t4

I’ll add a bit

MvC2 Singles

1st - Josh (Philly)
2nd - Damien (Philly)
3rd Omni_Dragon (TO)
4th- Jonstar (TO)

MvC2 Teams (Don’t know names)

1st- Team Philly (LazyJ/FecalPenance/Roger)
2nd - Jon’s Team (Jonstar/DarkDragon/Ron)
3rd- JS’ Team (JS Master/Omni_Dragon/ROC)
4th- Team Glasses (Gerjay_2001/DaFlipMastaXV/Ex_Matt)

this tournament was great. Good job to all the placers. I still think I got robbed at cvs2. See everyone at evo that are going.

Let’s see some full results!

Good job Roger … You won just like you said you would. :smiley:

I heard UDon has crazy hookups!..which I want some of :smiley:


yo blaziniflo stop posting under josh wizzong

toronto is a fun/strange place… everyone was chill… hope to see some US sticks at T5…

good shit to all… maybe we’ll come back for T5…
yo it sucks to try back in the U.S. we got stuck in immigration for an hour guess that happens when we have a shady looking white boy traveling with us…


Defnitely, definitely fun times in toronto…
people were just chill…anthony and jonstar especially…thanks for good times…

Having said that, the sticks were the absolute worst that I have ever played in a tourney…it had square motion, the buttons were slanted, and the stick and the buttons were WAY too close to each other…

p.s. I was playing this multiplayer gundam game, and it had a circular motion…not the square motion stick that was used for tourney…why didn’t you guys have the circular gundam machines for the tourney games?