Quick Technical Speed/Frame Question

What are the actual speed differences between normal, turbo, and turbo 2?

What’s the fps at each?

I know that normal mode drops no frames. 60 fps arcade, something like 58.75 fps on the DC.

Turbo drops a frame iirc every 6th or 7th frame. This actually creates some unblockables. xD

Turbo 2 I can only guess drops even more frames. I wonder what the % of chuns unblock stomp would be on turbo 2. :looney:

someone forgot to eat their pringles-- turbo drops every 4th frame.

turbo’s really all that matters imo, although i did get to wondering why Joo/Magnetro don’t just program at normal and speed it up 25% :rofl:

I suck at marvel though I’m gonna go play call of duty

My bad man, I ran out of nourishing sesame confection this morning :sad: